duminică, 3 iulie 2011


Under the old oak she lies and waits
Trying to run, escape her fate
As she sits in anguish and fills with fear
Her heart releases a solemn tear
She’s now all alone no end in sight
Now that her heart is in constant fright
She feels the strength of the fear around
She tries to run but is tightly bound
Trying to pull and get away
Feeling her heart start to decay
She pulls herself free and tries to run
The sun rises and she’s suddenly stunned
She looks at the light and lets out a hiss
As she makes her escape she smiles in bliss
She runs across someone alone in the park
She’s unseen thanks to the lingering dark
She jumps out to attack and bares her fangs
From the two small holes the boys blood rains
She releases the boy and leaves her prey
Trying to escape the upcoming day
Once she made it from the increasing light
She is able to rest until the next night

- by Cold

luni, 20 iunie 2011

My Dear Lady

Days had pass and dawn is nearing, admiring thy beauty is just mere fantasy. My undying perseverance to seek the love of my lady. Burning desire for all eternity, hoping for one true glory that one dearest to me. come forth with all sincerity in your heart's purity. But why is it that my lady, in darkness uncertainty, I pitty those who treat you unfairly. Your heart that was blinded by conscience and hinder your chance to be free. Oh my lady one dearest to me, I will not beg for you to love me nor to appreciate me. But bare in mind that if you entrust me with your heart that is so ever divine I will treasure it until the day I perish, so let it be done. Oh my lady one dearest to me.

- by Cold

duminică, 6 martie 2011


Hands behind the dark
Crawl beneath my fears
Swallowed too much shadows
I can’t breathe anymore
Locked deep inside myself
Entwined tight,
My torn heart screams,
Void whispers play with me
Like a puppet

- by Cold

miercuri, 17 noiembrie 2010

Unshed Tears

My mind is consumed with sadness
When I think of all the unkindness
That has passed through my life
Absorbed in hurt for things said and done
None of which can be undone
One decade build this pain
How do I escape from this inner hurricane?
I should cry but the tears have run dry.
Tears which no longer run freely down my cheeks
Run deep within my soul staying there for weeks.
In need of release from this distress
I turn to someone for a gentle caress
Loneliness follows disappointment
Why can’t there be hugs heaven sent?
Unshed tears begin to flow again
Slowly running down my chin

- by Cold

luni, 15 noiembrie 2010

Dead end

Death is labeled as the dark end
I have seen people fear this last adventure
Strange that a flickering candle is ignorant
And fails to comprehend the inevitable
Treading on serrated rocks with care
We risk a fall every moment, every step
Death follows us everywhere
It is not the inevitable End
As so many perceive it to be
But a tentative and gregarious fellow
Who vacillates to approach you
For a limited period of time
And then embraces with a zealous love
He is a selfless entity
Who has borne many a soul
Embarking on the essential excursion
Fear Him not
For the ground we tread on is brittle
And he walks but two steps behind
While irony smiles at man’s blindness

- by Cold

marți, 26 octombrie 2010

The Truth About a lie

A heart beat stops, a warmth goes cold,
A light goes out, a life is sold.

Closer and closer the enemy closes in
Around its tiny, helpless victim.

An innocent child, killed by hate.
When she wants to change, it will be too late.

He is pushed aside, without a glance,
Without a thought, without a chance.

Crimson blood is split and in the end,
One heart beat stops, but two souls are dead.

marți, 28 septembrie 2010

Eyes wide open

The words of the poet seem hauntingly familiar
The days and the years now gone by
Each time he laid his heart bare
Each time at the moment his words were true
So many times he gave his heart away freely
Only wanting to heal the wounds left behind by others
Never was it his intent to add more to their pain
Even after years of tears he was still blind to where he was going wrong
Blinded each time by what he thought was the purity of his intent
Blinded each time by the goodness of the deed he thought was being done
He did not see the lives he was playing with
He did not see the damage he was leaving behind him
Or the fact the pain he was inflicting was far worse then any healing he had done
Leaving souls laid bare to go and help the next broken one
Ignoring the voice in the back of his mind
How could he be so wrong with all the good he was doing?
Now over many days and years he looks back
He sees the trail of broken hearts he set out to heal
Only leaving a trail of tears and ravaged souls in their place
Alone now he cuts himself everyday for each
His tears give him no comfort
Nor should they
Where did he go wrong?
Where did I go wrong?
I only meant the best each time.
I never took the time to finish what I started
I never took the responsibility to open my eyes
These words remind me of all the excuses I wrote
The words of a poet forever lost and unawareness
My eyes are wide open now
My eyes are wide open now
I see the damage I have done
I see the damage I have done
Now I must learn to live with it
There is no easy way out
There is only living with the pain I so freely gave to others
Hoping maybe someday I can be forgiven
I truly am sorry
Though my regret will never change anything
Maybe tomorrow I will not make the same mistakes
Maybe tomorrow I will finish what I start
Maybe tomorrow...

- by Cold