sâmbătă, 28 februarie 2009

Life and Death

My eyes open
and then I awake,
experiencing life
through awareness.
Then my eyes close
to feel memories
of what I experienced
in life.

-by Cold

luni, 9 februarie 2009

Dark Gathering

Fooled against...
A circle of trust
Bound to the old ways
A cast of shadow looming
Wandering through the night
Heightened, secret, emotions
They worship...
Clouds, above, the sky

Silent and still
An angel bleeds to dry
But its evil grimace
Has frozen in delight
Silent and still
Then a worship awe
Money, gold, earth rites
Renewed, again they fight

They silence to steal
Dark, their gathering
Their capital, a list
We fear not, follow
Their worship...
No clouds below the fire
A play of judgement
Higher will it come.

-by Cold