marți, 29 septembrie 2009

Not easy

You want me to act like what happened was nothing
I’ll try, but to me it was something
That night was the night
I knew everything was just right
It was you and me
Two people brought together, meant to be
I knew I had never loved someone so much
Someone I couldn’t stand not to touch
The kisses we shared were, oh so sweet
So soft, but with so much heat
These feelings I have, I’ve never felt
The way you look at me, my body just melts
That’s why, the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, was watch you walk away
You left me with tears in my eyes, and a wish that everything would be okay

- by Cold

sâmbătă, 26 septembrie 2009

All but true

Scattered dust of a shattered mind,
Of lost loves and broken hearts.
Decayed words of hope and promise,
Lost forever in the wind of Eternity.
And the broken heart,
In the scarred chest of never healing sadness.
First kiss, first embrace,
Imprinted forever in the worldwind of once forgotten memories.
And while one remembers a once known happiness,
It fades, now far away and untouchable
Sinking swiftly into the unknown darkness.
Its waves strong as the ocean,
And its depth, deep as the mind,
Banished forever in the lights of sanity,
Occasionally blinking with a hint of unforgiving forgivness.

- by Cold

vineri, 25 septembrie 2009


I feel torn up.
And I'm so broken.
There's so much to say,
And so little that's been spoken.

I hate the state I'm in,
I feel like dying.
There's so much pain,
I want to start crying.

Now I can't help it,
I'm shedding tears.
I wish I were with you,
But there's so much that I fear.

I can't believe what you're telling me!
Why are you doing this?
I'm sorry for what I've said.
I want your love and just a sweet kiss.

Please don't do what you say you might.
It hurts too much, I can't take it.
My heart feels like crumbling,
If you do this, I might not make it.

You're not a mistake,
You know that's true.
If you really were,
Your friends wouldn't love you.

I'm trying to help and make this all better.
If you don't think I understand, then help me to.
Please take me in and hold me close.
I'm doing this because I love you!

Just make this pain stop,
Just take it all away.
I need you in my life,
And that's all I can say.

- by Cold


I'm sitting in the darkness of the night
Thinking of you, holding me tight
The dark crimson skies
Just match the heavens
Like the stars in your eyes
Stars sometimes shoot and sparkle
Just like your eyes, when you smile
You are the stars in my world
You sparkle bright
Through the cold and lonely night
You change my world, you keep it right
Bring a sense of joy and peace
But like the stars, you leave
And ever since, my sky's been cloudy

- by Cold

joi, 24 septembrie 2009

Time Will Tell

I feel so empty now
So incomplete inside
I don't know how it came to this
I cannot run and hide
I told you that I loved you
You told me you did too
Now we split and I can see
That your end wasn't true
You tore me apart inside
This you know too well
You use it against me everyday
I hope you burn in hell
No matter what you do
You cannot break my spirit
All I know is my heart screams
And nobody can hear it
And with this I will close
This chapter in my life
You always were my everything
Now I end my pain and strife

- by Cold

miercuri, 23 septembrie 2009

Always when you go away

Always when you go away,
When you go into the unknown,
You leave me forlorn midway,
Listening out for the echo

Of the words you never said,
And promises you never gave.
No answer – dead silence instead.
No way to take – like a slave

Of dreams never coming true,
Of fear for the lonely day,
Of my heart weeping for you
Always when you go away…

- by Cold

Simple Dreams

Simple dreams lost in seasons past
Dying colours that weren't meant to last
A love that died over many years
And all hope lost after many tears.

An angel I once had to hold my hand
The traces are left where we sat in the sand
Twilight love spent under the moon
And a hearts fading fast, it's all come too soon.

Take the love I gave you years ago
Throw it away, hide it under the snow
A promise was made that was meant to last
Simple dreams lost in seasons past.

- by Cold

Didn't they mean anything ?

As I stare at you when you stroll by
I get this instant replay of us together
How I used to intend that we were perfect
And that we would last forever
But then I blink and realize that that was the past
And now I have to survive the future
Survive it without you
I'm not sure if I can accept all this gruesome pain
That keeps tearing me up inside
I can't control it
It's taking over me

I'm starting to cry
And wishing everything would vanish
Gone away from me
So far, I can't abuse anything with my fury

Even though I was hurt shouldn't I return the pain?
Those unforgettable memories we had together,
Didn't they mean anything to you?
Those times I said "I Love You,"
Didn't they mean anything to you?

I feel like I've been deceived in a lying game...
A lying game where I thought my teammate
Was revealing me the truth
When all they're doing is uttering lies, lies, and more lies

And in the end they become my opponent, my enemy
And I can't trust them again
But, all those memories meant so much to me
Didn't they mean anything to you?

- by Cold

marți, 22 septembrie 2009

My Pain

My heart is in total misery.
It is my love who gave this pain to me.
She told me she loved me, but is it true?
Or was it all a lie through and through?

My heart aches in unbearable pain.
It is filled with a raging storm and a painful rain.
Did she tell me only what I wanted to hear?
Is her love for me dying at a time that is near?

Oh, why torture me, what have I done?
If pain you were fighting for, your battle is won.
Oh God, your help I request.
I gave my all to her, I gave my best.

Please Merciful Father, take away my pain.
Bring her back into my arms with happiness again.
If you must, make it my last dying plea.
Love in her eyes I once again want to see.

Before God I swear this creed.
If I stop loving her, to death may I bleed.
Why treat me this way, oh God I must know.
But every time I ask, she shakes her head, no.

God, please remove this unbearable pain.
Take away this raging storm and this painful rain.

- by Cold

luni, 21 septembrie 2009

The Last Time

The night is dark,
The stars in the sky shine,
When we meet together,
For the last time!

There is no one around,
Just you and me,
And the heavens above,
Stretching as far as you can see!

You come close to me,
I hold you to my heart,
Wanting to savor the moment,
Till death do us apart!

I may never see you again,
The realization dawns on me,
My love for you is endless,
An emotion full of sanctity!

I wish you would never go,
With my soul torn and bleeding,
My heart already wrenched apart,
Anticipating a life without a meaning!

I kiss you one last time,
The heaven and earth merge,
Time stops around us,
An eon escapes in a surge!

There are tears in your eyes,
That burn through my soul,
But I smile to bid adieu,
Disguising my impulse to never let you go!

You leave me standing there,
Never turning back,
My dreams tattered in pieces,
My world goes black!

I try to leave the place,
An agonizing tear escapes my eye,
The sorrow of parting with you causes,
My heart to beat for the last time!

- by Cold

Scared to love you

You say you love me
But I am scared
You say you'll never hurt me
But I'm still scared
I'm scared to love you
Because I am afraid to lose you
I'm scared to love you
Because that's really hard for me to do
I'm scared to love you
But guess what? (I DO!)
Because even though I'm scared to love you
I love taking chances too!

- by Cold

miercuri, 9 septembrie 2009

Can't be forgotten

How can I still love you
When you caused me so much pain
Why do I miss you
When you hurt me so bad
Why is my heart still a slave to you
Why do I believe you
When you lie directly to my face
Why can't I forget
Everything about you
I can't get you out of my head
Everything you said
I can still taste
Your delicious kisses
I feel Your heart
Beating inside of me
I can not tear all those memories
I can not get them out of my head
I could never forget
All those precious days
All those hours that we spent together
I won't forget
All those moments that you held me
Held me tight between your arms
Everything seemed to stop
I miss that
How can I still love you
When you are the reason for my pain
I hate missing you
I want to forget you
But I can't
I need your warm body
Next to mine
I want to stare
Into your dazzling eyes
those eyes that hypnotize me
I still love you
No matter what happens
It doesn't matter
How much time passes
I will always be blinded
By your icy blue eyes
Always by your side
Always trusting your every word
Never doubting one single moment
And never forgetting
All those wonderful and precious memories
I believe some people
Just can't never be forgotten
Sadly for me
You are one of them

- by Cold

Words Unspoken

As I wander down the street,
My mind is troubled with what
I seek.

The rain starts falling,
The road gets wet,
I am wandering with thoughts of regret.

My head is aching,
My heart is broken
And the words
Are left unspoken.

Do I forget,
Or do I act?
Maybe I'm afraid,
Of the way you'd react.

How you'd respond?
Would you break this bond?

Now I'm here
And I know that you're near,
Waiting to hear,
The words unspoken.

- by Cold

duminică, 6 septembrie 2009

My love

Like a flower that fell from the sky
Swirling under the shimmering sun
Gently and slowly, probed by the wind
You descended.

Like the flash of lightning
and the speed of a supersonic airline,
Like the shooting star
You appeared.

Like a white dove with silver wings
Capturing my sweet imagination,
Fascinating my being
You perched on my hand.

Oh what an awesome feeling it was!
My soul radiated with unfounded illumination!
when you felt at home in my palms...
You accepted me.

Your angelic radiance evokes joy deep within my spirit.
When I close my eyes,
I am fulfilled when I know;
You are with me