vineri, 27 martie 2009

Conceal our Emptiness

Naked soul lies on cold ground
With the broken wings
Endless tears are weeping from her face
Slowly she is falling into deep sleep
‘I am coming closer to the death’ she whispers

One sweet day I’ll let your heart falls in filth
One sweet day I will let the shadows silently kill you
Every step you’ll see the joy in their eyes

Once you showed me my death
Now I will show yours
In your hands you hold my last breath
Does it feel so good to feed your rage?

Is the torment the only salvation for my sins?
Are the scars good enough to show my grief?

Ray of the light is slowly fading away
We are alone in realm of the darkness
My screams are turning deaf to the blind walls
The angels from the sky are watching me dying
They scent my last breath
My last struggle
Yet they let you hate lingering through your veins….
How does it feel to kill own child?

Seduced by your innocent smile
Crucify myself into dust
No taint left in air

The clouds are crying for us
The skies are turning into crimson
Our love is dead
There’s no spell to reborn our bliss
We are deadly sins to our hearts
And so our angles….

-by Cold

sâmbătă, 14 martie 2009


I am so tired of being alone
Without hope,
Without happiness
And without your touch
Even you are far away from me
For Too long I slept in shadows
For Too long I was in loneliness' embrace
Too long I shead tears of love and became blinded
Until you touched my broken heart
Save me my love, cause
I’m so tired to live with solitude
That is killing me inside
wake me up ( my love) with your soft whisper
to save me from nightmares
set me free cause death won’t let me flee
touch me with your love
cause I’m so tired of being alone, without your love
embrace me cause I want to be in the safety your arms for eternity
open your heart and let me in
let me to be in your fantasy world
share with me your happiness
open your door of dreams to escape from the dead world
stay with me my love
to wake me up with your soft words
in which my heart desires to melt in
save me from the sorrow
cause my heart is screaming for liberty
touch me with your love
cause I’m so tired of being alone without your love
so tired that I lust to be with you
so tired that I lust to taste your love
even you are far away from me
every night in my dreams i whisper your name
can you hear how is my heart crying for you?
Can you feel my sorrow ?
Cause I’m so tired of being alone without your love
For Too long I slept in shadows
For Too long I was in loneliness' embrace
For Too long my soul dreamed of liberty in darkness
For Too long I was blinded by tears of love
Until you touched my broken heart

- by Cold

vineri, 13 martie 2009

The Life [Parts I - IV]


The night.
It’s beautiful.
There’s nothing that could only be half as beautiful as the night.
The stars are shining.
The full moon above me.
Why does the night pass by?
Why couldn’t it last forever?
The night is the time of the memories.
It’s the time of the lovers
and the time of the lonesome.
It could be the time of rest,
the time of sleep.
But isn’t it too beautiful to stay at home and sleep?
The night is magic.
I can’t stay at home
when it’s dark outside.
The night is the time of mysteries,
the time of demons,
of vampires.
But the darkness of the night isn’t dangerous.
It’s peace in it, safety.
It covers the guilty and the haunted.
It’s merciful.
The time when I forget about day.
About all its problems,
its sorrows.
The time when I’m happy.
The time when I’m sad.
The night is everything for me.
It’s all that counts.
Nothing is as beautiful as the night.
I wish it would never end.
Just everlasting,
lasting for eternity...

The sun rises.
It’s beautiful.
But it brings the light.
The merciless light.
Showing everything.
Fighting back the night
until there are only some shadows
telling about the beauty of the night.
Of the merciful darkness.
Too glaring.
So cruel.
It’s warm but...
It could never be as warm
as the night is beautiful.
It’s hot and it’s light.
I’m thinking of the night.
Its coolness and its darkness.
And again it’s killing my soul.
The hectic of the day
makes me crazy.
I’m longing for the peace,
the peace the night will bring.
Hectic and noisy,
that’s the day.
Too many people
running around,
busy with nothing,
unimportant stuff.
Memories of the night...
It’ll come again...
It’ll bring peace and rest.
It’ll make you forgetting...
about sorrows and fear and problems.
But it’s far away...
The day...
Too glaring...

And again there’s the night.
The merciful night.
I want to stay here forever.
Keep the light away.
Forever night.
Forever safety.
No fears.
No sorrows.
I want to live forever.
I don’t want to die.
Redeem me.
Take me with you.
Make me one of yours.
Make me a creature of the night.
The beautiful night...
I’ll miss the day...
but the night caught me.
Nothing will ever be as beautiful
as the night.
When will they realize?
The day is the time of hiding.
The night’s the time to live.
The beauty of the night...
I can’t live without it.
I will leave the day
if I can have the night,
if I can live forever.
Melancholic night...
When will I get it?
Will I?
Only one minute...
A short pain redeeming from an everlasting.
Goodbye day!
Hello everlasting night!
Bite me!
A vampire is born...

And again.
The light fought back the darkness.
Silent darkness...
It fought back the fog.
Merciful fog covering earth.
Protecting from the light.
Glaring light.
Too glaring.
Sun lighting the vampire.
Sun lighting me
as it once burned my soul.
Where to go?
Merciful darkness.
Hiding shadows.
Protecting me from light.
From sunlight.
Sunrays touching me.
And again pains...
A place to pass the day.
Keeping my death away.
Passing time.
Finally the sun sets.
The night’s coming.
Beautiful night.
Merciful night.
Poor little vampire.
Had to say goodbye to the day.
Only the night for living.
But uncountable nights...

- by Cold

joi, 12 martie 2009


Finding myself crying again
Going through the pain every now and then
Getting used to being hurt
Battered and left in the dirt

Wiping my tears as I picked myself up
Hearing their voices, telling them to shut up
Running through the dark forest
Going to the only place I could rest

Desperately finding the light
To help me carry on with my fight
Feeling the path getting longer
My breathing becomes shorter

Recognizing the familiar ache
Causing myself to break
Seeing the faint light closer
Trying to pull myself together

Finally being in the place
Where I could find solace
Letting myself lie on the grass
Closing my eyes as time starts to pass

Not wanting for it to see
The wounds they made to me
Knowing that it would never heal
Like all things that’s real

- by Cold

duminică, 8 martie 2009

My song

Listen to the sounds of the wind.
Follow the beat of your heart.
Close you eyes and listen to the sounds around you.
See if your heart is beating with mine.
See if our soul is singing the same song.
See if your lips will whisper my name.
Follow that road to see where it takes you
Hopefully it will lead you to me
Cause when I listen to the sounds of my heart.
My heart is singing a song.
A song that only you can hear.
My heart is calling out to you
Trying to show you the way home.
All you have to do is close your eyes and listen.
My song is a road map to my heart.
Somewhere, where you belong.
Until you find your way home.
My heart will continue to sing my song.

- by Cold

Angel of Mine

There came an angel
On a warm sunny day
A sparkle in her eye
That took me away

I just couldnt leave her
Not even when the day was done
My love she had awakened
My heart she had won

At this I had known
I could not let her go
For she lit my heart on fire
And made my face glow

To this very day
Im glad that she's here
God granted my wish
An Angel so dear

Ill keep her in my heart
Her face has a shine
Ill always love her
This Angel of mine.

-by Cold

vineri, 6 martie 2009

3 Words

These words we say so often
But still, they mean so much;
They mean that I care,
How much I cherish you each day.
They show to you my feelings,
My deepest burning passion;
They show to you my heart and all the memories we've made
Do you know these words, my darling? I
'm very sure you do.
These words I so often say,
Each of them rings true.
My lips speak these words,
As well as my heart and mind.
Do you know these words, dearest?
"I love you!"

-by Cold