duminică, 3 iulie 2011


Under the old oak she lies and waits
Trying to run, escape her fate
As she sits in anguish and fills with fear
Her heart releases a solemn tear
She’s now all alone no end in sight
Now that her heart is in constant fright
She feels the strength of the fear around
She tries to run but is tightly bound
Trying to pull and get away
Feeling her heart start to decay
She pulls herself free and tries to run
The sun rises and she’s suddenly stunned
She looks at the light and lets out a hiss
As she makes her escape she smiles in bliss
She runs across someone alone in the park
She’s unseen thanks to the lingering dark
She jumps out to attack and bares her fangs
From the two small holes the boys blood rains
She releases the boy and leaves her prey
Trying to escape the upcoming day
Once she made it from the increasing light
She is able to rest until the next night

- by Cold