miercuri, 17 noiembrie 2010

Unshed Tears

My mind is consumed with sadness
When I think of all the unkindness
That has passed through my life
Absorbed in hurt for things said and done
None of which can be undone
One decade build this pain
How do I escape from this inner hurricane?
I should cry but the tears have run dry.
Tears which no longer run freely down my cheeks
Run deep within my soul staying there for weeks.
In need of release from this distress
I turn to someone for a gentle caress
Loneliness follows disappointment
Why can’t there be hugs heaven sent?
Unshed tears begin to flow again
Slowly running down my chin

- by Cold

luni, 15 noiembrie 2010

Dead end

Death is labeled as the dark end
I have seen people fear this last adventure
Strange that a flickering candle is ignorant
And fails to comprehend the inevitable
Treading on serrated rocks with care
We risk a fall every moment, every step
Death follows us everywhere
It is not the inevitable End
As so many perceive it to be
But a tentative and gregarious fellow
Who vacillates to approach you
For a limited period of time
And then embraces with a zealous love
He is a selfless entity
Who has borne many a soul
Embarking on the essential excursion
Fear Him not
For the ground we tread on is brittle
And he walks but two steps behind
While irony smiles at man’s blindness

- by Cold