marți, 22 decembrie 2009

A heart breaks easier alone

A heart breaks easier alone
When no one sees you crying
When no one notices at all
That inside you are dying

A heart breaks easier alone
When they all think you're crazy
That when you crawl back in your bed
The whole world thinks you're lazy

A heart breaks easier alone
And there's no way to mend it
To stop the heart from breaking more
You simply have to end it

A heart breaks easier alone
Without a love to heal it
And finally the breaking's done
When you no longer feel it

- by Cold

marți, 1 decembrie 2009

You're Gone

Screaming to be free
Detesting all of me
Wishing you were here
Drowning in my fears
Crying to be whole
Loathing your new goals
Fighting to survive
Longing to feel alive
Struggling with this fate
Trying not to hate
Smothering all this pain
Explosive once again
Combating this new plot
Hoping I'll get caught
Probing feelings naught
Tasting hateful lots
Pleading for your help
Banish hurtful yelps
Dejecting the unknown
I'm tired of being alone

- by Cold


I have isolated into my own world,
With delusional thoughts of ever lasting love.
My spirit has descended into a hole,
Where mystical dreams are of no reality.
Beliefs are lost in honesty of words,
A faith that can only be earned.
Memories become a fantasy of the mind,
To a soul that needs be found.
Hope has become a vision of wonder,
As life drowns in pools of tears.
Hearts will beat for only moments in time,
When feelings seem to no longer exist.

- by Cold