joi, 29 octombrie 2009

My Ghost

Ill-timed leaves crumble beneath my feet
The warm breeze tickling my bare back
I feel you there enveloping my vacant core
Lost am I since your untimely passing
I am left to love your immortal ghost

Wishing gentle touch still lingered there
Once calming my trembling soul
Bottomless blue eyes and kind spirited smile
Still impressing upon my embittered heart
My ghost still beautiful and loving me

Sitting on the edge of insanity I see you there
Clouding my dreams of what is real and not
Unbearable hurt sneaking up to conquer me
Past slipping beneath me as I try to hold on
Piercing my spirit is loss to another world

Trying hard to seize your soothing words
Long ago spoken softly in my ear
Spiraling without direction I need them now
Fires ablaze within the deep chasm engulf me
You are out of reach no longer my savior

Dark and perilous are my poisoned secrets
Held close and tightly to your warm chest
Promises of never abandoning broken
Early to the grave you fell carrying my pain
Our shattered pieces falling to the earth

My ghost she eludes me as I reach for her
Touch of her hand is wind blowing through
Voice grows fainter as brutal days pass
How I long to be one with her in his world
This love is killing me

- by Cold

marți, 13 octombrie 2009

Dance into my heart

Brighter than a sunbeam
more happy than a smile
sweeter than golden honey
dance into my heart.

A sparkle of clear air
the mist of rose perfume
an angel from above
dance into my heart.

A furious flame of wonder
that sets my hope on fire
you're perfect in my eyes
dance into my heart.

There are footprints on my mind
you walk there everyday
be with me forever
dance into my heart.

- by Cold

sâmbătă, 3 octombrie 2009

She left me

Sorrow fills my body,
tears fill my eyes.
I can still hear her laughter,
I remember stopping her cries.

No longer with me,
I feel alone and scared.
Pushed aside and forgotten,
I feel the heart that she teared.

Holding back sadness
inside me is like death.
Take away now my tortured soul,
and give me eternal rest.

I want to hold her again,
smell her hair of roses so young.
I really miss her,
and how her eyes shown like the sun.

Who else could I love,
except only one.
She left me,
my love life is done.

- by Cold