joi, 29 ianuarie 2009

Silent Wish

In dark chamber I am singing my revenge
No one will save me from this madness
In depth cold night I am falling in love with shadows
Enjoying the whisper of wind
I am dancing on moonlight all alone
Death is embracing me tender
The romance is bleeding inside of bliss
In your arms I am ready to be your sacrifice
It’s where I belong
Coming closer to your heart
I will cut your entire throb, little by little
I will taste all your sins
Don’t weep my demons, hide under my venom wings
The only place for escaping
The only place for hearing your screaming
Killing your sanity without sound, my silent wish is desiring for more
Your pain is crawling in your grief
You’re so beautiful with fears
The more you drowning in my revenge, the more my silent wish will touch your rage
I kiss every wound on your bloody skin
Every wound has been wept for salvation
But you know it won’t save you from nightmares I locked you
I hide the spell under my dreams
Your last breath on my pale skin is begging for liberty

Keep whispering my name
I want you to remember my sorrow
Keep blaming me
I want you to feel my rage
Keep weeping for me
I want you to be blind by torment
Keep screaming
I want you to bleed in my pain
And to feel my agony
Keep feeling my silent wish
I will not tell you my secrets.
Cause I know you’ll sing to the angels to save you from the dark, and set you free
No, my little one, you’re in my arms
Sleep my demon
Sleep for eternity
The eternal silent wish won’t forsaken you

-by Cold


I can breath
I can See
I can Understand
This Word
Yes, Love- The thing all humans and Demons want in there life
Dreams that i had are now coming true in frount of me
My Black little heart has found it
Gothic, Sweet and Dark
At moments we have times were the love is Great
and never never again shall i fell cold and alone
in my hole of a life
Dreams- Here
Hate rearranged with love and lust
Good night and please dont wake me up from this

-by Cold

sâmbătă, 24 ianuarie 2009


I’m your curse,
I’m your sin,
I’m the best,
And you can’t win,
I’m your pain,
You’ll go insane,
Yell my name,
Forbid this pain,
Beg to live,
Start to cry,
Try try try, but;
Still you’ll die,
There is no mercy,
There is no forgiveness,
You will pay the price,
For your miserable life.

-by Cold

joi, 22 ianuarie 2009

Dark Secrets

Darkness all around me,
I feel you, suffocate,
No one else is around my misery,
Can I give anyone the key to the gate?

No one realizes the pain,
The weakness that I feel,
The darkness swallows with vain,
My nightmares feel so real.

The shadows that hide,
The tears I hold back,
The old me, has died,
Everything is black.

I run, but I still see it,
It is hard to face,
It pulls me in, bit by bit,
It takes me back, back to that place!

From the memories, I try to run,
They are destroying me slowly, not fast,
I’m growing weaker; I know they’ve won,
It haunts me, my past.

The sadness, it has brought,
I feel the guilt,
I can feel the inside rot,
The darkness inside me, it built.

I feel so insane,
These words are my last,
Darkness has won, my tears fall like rain,
I can’t run anymore, it has won, my past.

My past has won,
I’m sure this is true,
The damage is done,
My heart, darkness controls it too.

I’m leaving now,
You may not want to see,
You might not want to know how,
Today is the death of me.

Thanks for being here,
Goodbye, it’s time, I’m untied,
I have no fear,
It’s time that I died.

-by Cold

duminică, 18 ianuarie 2009

Remembrance of My Death

Around , all around the dark memories gather
My dread grows as doom’s scythe falls against my heart
It severs me ,and darkly my blood drips to the cold uncaring tombstones
In horror I cry out . Why ?!
While hell takes my unwilling hand
Now , alone my cry for mercy falls upon howling eyes
This is because of you

-by Cold

Death Deserved

What have you taken away?
a miasma of darkness as memories bleed
once we experienced innocence
untainted and virginal
but your thirst died
a furious morass of pain -
drops of blood follow hate,follow death,
love burnt to ashes
in a burst of vengeance,
I condemn you

-by Cold

sâmbătă, 17 ianuarie 2009


Force me to be awaken
Feeling my soul being taken
Coming from somewhere deep
In my eternal sleep

Numb and unfeeling
Oblivious of my surrounding
To a world of pain and anguish
My existence seem to vanish

-by Cold

Bleeding for you

I wish I can forget you
and never feel deep pain
I wish I can bury our memories
And never dreaming you
I try to hold back my tears
Trying so hard to erase you from my black heart
But I can’t, I am to weak on you!
I just lay here and bleeding for you
And waiting to death knock on my door, to take me away
Why are you in my dreams?
Why can’t you just let me to die into your arms
to feel my heart heat
but you just leaving me all alone with loneliness
bleeding is the only way I can forget you
bleeding is the only way I can kill my pain
walking through the endless dark path
yearning to taste my fears
and as I was walking through my endless path
I just open my arms and letting death taking me into his arms
And leaving all behind
And yet again, you are to blind to see how much I love you
You are even to blind to feel I have touched your black heart
I am bleeding for you
I am bleeding for your love
I wish you can drown in my love
And to feel my broken heart into little peace
I wish you can burn into flames
To feel real pain in your heart and grace
Why can’t I let you go of my heart?
And never feel sorrow again!
Laying here alone in dark
Watching Moon and stars dancing outside of my window
Shading this last tears for you
And bleeding for you, so deep
So deep to feel sorrow for you

-by Cold

Snow and Black Roses

Snow and Black Roses
The hard cold wind blow-ed,
across the white snow,
and the winter heart looks happy,
but only darkness grows,
where the black roses grew.
A shadow passed across the white snow,
giving a feeling of dread and fear,
upon the vast empty land,
only echoing whispers,
on the cold snow,
then the black roses gave up the ghost and died,
the shadow picked-up the withered black roses,
held them close to his chest,
as if giving back their life,
gentled laid them back on the white snow,
to see if they would grow,
all that was heard were only,
whispers on the cold snow....

-by Cold

vineri, 16 ianuarie 2009

Eternal Sorow

Tears are for memories,
Memories are for sorrow
Singing myself to sleep with our lullaby...
Still you’re in my heart
But I want more than that
I want to lay beside you,
To hear your voice again (for the last time)
And to look into your eyes
With one look I’ll fall into sleep in your arms
Death is opening the door for me
It leads me to your heart
To unlock it and touch you
You are in deep sleep but I hear your last beat
And I know you can hear me
Hear my last words I will say to you
Hear my last grace to you
Hear these 3 words: I love you
If I see your smile again
I will not wake up from this dream
I don’t want to let this end up again
Don’t let them wake me up
Just hold me like you used to
If you feel my sorrow far from here
Don’t walk away just open it
And you’ll see my eternal sorrow, so deep
My beautiful angel
Spread your wings
And take me with you
I don’t belong to them anymore
Save me with your beautiful voice
It will lead me to your dreams
I no longer belong in this world
If I hear your lost lullaby
Soon I’ll know it’s time to dreaming you like before
Hello my eternal sorrow
Behind the mask I hide tears from you
Behind the mask I hide myself
Hello my angel
I am safe in the shadows
No one will find me
I am safe in loneliness
No one will poison me with lies
I am safe in silence
No screams in my mind
Just sweet melody in my soul
Hello grandpa
Waiting for your star
To lead me to you
To be again in your embrace
Hello my demon
I open my memories to erase it
Lock me inside of you for eternity

-by Cold

joi, 15 ianuarie 2009

Without You

Frantically I wake up and look all around,
Then suddenly remember we laid you in the ground.
I still cry myself to sleep wondering why,
Wishing all of this was some big lie.
The road without you has been rough,
How do you know when you've had enough?
Enough suffering, enough pain,
In losing you there was no gain.
Sadness, hurt, and agony fill my heart,
When you left you tore it apart.
Reminiscing on the last days we spent together,
Not knowing that would be the last time ever.
If only I would have known,
My love for you I would have shown.

-by Cold

Deep Sleep

I close my eyes,
Trying to forget the moments we had
I try to burn them in flames
But I am to afraid to lose them
I want to let you go of my heart
But I can’t I am to weak on you!
Some times I wish I can fly far away from your cold heart
So far away to don’t hear you how you screaming in fire and begging me to wake you up from the nightmares
In your eyes I can see nothing but lies and fear
Fear to telling me our love is death for us
Every time when I want to touch your heart I feel emptiness
So my love,
Pretend that you still belong to my heart
Don’t leave me alone
Just stay here with me
Lay down next to me to watch our fallen stars
let me fall into your arms
and never wake up again
let me kiss your poison lips
and I will dye with my loneliness forever
let me touch your skin
and I will burning forever
cause I want to have you in my memories
leaving me all alone in dark
dying so slowly with my loneliness
Still I have the pain that you locket in my innocent heart
Still won’t fade away
I close my eyes
Trying to forget the tears we shad together and share them
In my dreams I saw you bleeding
And calling loud my name
To save you from the darkness
I try to run away from your pain
So far away to don’t see your tears of sorrow

-by Cold

No more WE

Look at me
I'm falling apart,
I'm sitting in sorrow
with a broken heart.
Ever since the day
that you left me,
i dwell on the fact
that there is no more we,
I tried to save what we had
but couldn't get control,
and now i have to see us
no longer as a whole.
I am missing you everyday
and i wish you were back,
because the love and happiness you brought
is now something i lack.
I hope that this wasn't meant to be
and that it won't last very long,
so our love can reunite
and once again be strong.
If it doesn't happen
then it was probably meant to be,
and just leave you on the note
that you mean the world to me.

-by Cold

Lost in the world

Am I still dreaming?
I hear the lost voices
Trying to wake me from the deep sleep
But I refuse them
I just close my eyes and hold my last breath
And hopping to death come to me
To take me away from this cruel world
It’s the only way I can find my peace in my heart
Every time when I close my eyes
I see nothing but blood around me
And my fallen angel is dying in my arms
I am frozen inside myself and trying to escape from this madness
Hiding in shadows to never see the Sun again
The only saltiness I can feel it’s in darkness embrace
And he left the pain to leave me the scar in my innocent heart
My lonely soul is walking through endless path
Trying to find the light of freedom
But there’s no sign
Every time when I am looking in the stars
Still remembering in the midnight when we watched together our fallen stars
Telling them secrets of our love
And still they are up,
Hopping we’ll be together with open arms
But our love was nothing but illusion
There’s no turning back
And we are lost in the world
To lost that we can’t find our happiness
Here we are my love, again
Standing all alone just you and me
Waiting to shadows take our love
And burning in flames forever
To never feel the pleasure that we always had in our hearts
Am I still dreaming?
Long lost voices slowly whispering in my lost dreams
Trying so hard to wake me from the endless nightmares
But I still refuse them,
I just let the pain to leaving me the scar inside of my broken heart
And slowly closing my eyes and holding my last breath
Hopping to angel come to me
To embrace me and disappear so far away in this lost world
To never see the sorrow who is haunting me in my dreams
I am to lost in this world
To lost, can’t find my light to bright me up my way to home
I am falling so deep to feel my emptiness in my soul
feeling the flame the touch of grace down on my spine
shading this tears for burning in my dreams
I am to lost in this world can’t wake up from this nightmares
I am falling so deep to touch the darkness black heart
To lost in the world
Wishing to open the wings and flying so far away to never see my uncured pain
To long I have been hiding in shadows to never see my light
Years I have been hunting my happiness
But there’s no happiness
No freedom to heal my heart
Just the sorrow and pain who is so painful
To lost in the world.

-by Cold

Black Tear

A tear felt from my face
Making myself a disgrace
Not wanting for it to be seen,
My weakness from within

My eyes are covered with black
Hiding the gloom at the back
Blurring my visions,
Only seeing illusions

Nothing in this world is real,
As well as what I feel
So tired of shedding these tears
Along with my heartaches & fears

All the pain & sorrow
From yesterday ‘til tomorrow
Hoping it would all be over
Even though it seems forever

-by Cold

Cold Heart

The night was falling
And the stars are showing up
My heart is still weak and cold
I try to defeated with the shadow
But I can’t
Is this the only way I can find my true love?
Sitting here all alone
Watching the stars
Hoping for the sign
The night was falling slowly
And the stars are showing up
And my cold heart still searching for something
My lonely soul is lost in the darkness
Try to find the way home
My fallen angel is lost in my embrace forever
I see you in my dreams, dark angel
My love is belong only in your dreams
There is nothing to do with it
I am just shadow
Who is always hidden from the light
My cold heart still try to find something
All this years I cannot find my way home
After all this years I only see painful nothing else
My cold heart is lost in the shadows, again
This tears I cry they are forgotten forever
I will never find someone like you
I miss you so bad
I miss your touch
Where are you, my love?
I wish you were here with me tonight
To share with me love
I want to feel you love, again
Please, take me away with you
To the heaven
I want to be with you forever
Hold me
The night was falling slowly
And the stars are showing up
Here I am
Sitting here all alone
Waiting for something
I lay down here
Waiting to death comes for me
And then I can find my peace in my heart
And go with you to the heaven
My cold heart is still inside me
I cannot defeat the cold
Who is always follow my dreams and my good heart
So, my love
Bring me to live
Moon is slowly wake me up
And then in my dreams I feel your cold touch
So sweet
So cold
So tender
I am yours
Now and forever.

-by Cold

Ganduri intr-un text

Sunt inlantuit intr-o camera. Unde amintirile si sentimentele mele ma bântuie. Chipul tau ca o raza de lumina apare si apoi dispare. Demonul din mine amplifica tristetea si ura ce o port in acest suflet chinuit. Lipsit de sperante eu cotinui lupta cu acest demon din mine. Curand am sa pierd lupta , el se hraneste din suferintele mele si creste cu fiecare secunda. Numai iubirea ma poate salva , dar in zadar , pentru ca nu o voi mai gasi nici odata. Sufletul meu a inceput sa sangereze sentimentele pe care eu ca prostu ti le-am purtat , facându-mi sperante desarte. Nimeni si nimic nu cred ca va putea vreodata sa ridice acest blestem cazut asupra mea.

Un cuvant de inceput :-)

Multe nu am de zis despre mine. Sunt un adolescent "normal " de 16 ani ... un mic poet in devenire.
Aici imi voi posta gandurile si sentimentele :-)