vineri, 16 ianuarie 2009

Eternal Sorow

Tears are for memories,
Memories are for sorrow
Singing myself to sleep with our lullaby...
Still you’re in my heart
But I want more than that
I want to lay beside you,
To hear your voice again (for the last time)
And to look into your eyes
With one look I’ll fall into sleep in your arms
Death is opening the door for me
It leads me to your heart
To unlock it and touch you
You are in deep sleep but I hear your last beat
And I know you can hear me
Hear my last words I will say to you
Hear my last grace to you
Hear these 3 words: I love you
If I see your smile again
I will not wake up from this dream
I don’t want to let this end up again
Don’t let them wake me up
Just hold me like you used to
If you feel my sorrow far from here
Don’t walk away just open it
And you’ll see my eternal sorrow, so deep
My beautiful angel
Spread your wings
And take me with you
I don’t belong to them anymore
Save me with your beautiful voice
It will lead me to your dreams
I no longer belong in this world
If I hear your lost lullaby
Soon I’ll know it’s time to dreaming you like before
Hello my eternal sorrow
Behind the mask I hide tears from you
Behind the mask I hide myself
Hello my angel
I am safe in the shadows
No one will find me
I am safe in loneliness
No one will poison me with lies
I am safe in silence
No screams in my mind
Just sweet melody in my soul
Hello grandpa
Waiting for your star
To lead me to you
To be again in your embrace
Hello my demon
I open my memories to erase it
Lock me inside of you for eternity

-by Cold

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