marți, 27 aprilie 2010


Bind myself in vain again
Their vapour words turn into lies
My heart is so drained of this
Screaming for salvation
Can’t endure this pain that flows through my veins,
Like a poison

I’m walking through the starry sky
Seeking for more dreams
Longing to embrace them
When I dream in the darkness
I feel so safe
No one can deprive my love to the shadows
No one can hurt me anymore

I’m falling into temptation
There’s no fear of drowning
Insanity is my empathy
This is my true love to abyss

Lorn in the silence again
In their arms my love isn’t enough (never will be)
Swallowing all the tears in the deaf of night
Hiding my rage behind my fake smile
In the end I belong to among the ashes
It’s where I’ll entwine myself in delirium

No one can save me from the delirium
Forever wrapped in the tame
I’m not lost in this endlessly path I walk alone
No one can wake me up from the mirage
It’s where I belong all along

I’m going under the gloom
I loath you for bury me alive in decay
Convince me I’m dead
Convince me I’m delirium
And I’ll will lead you to your core and show you the scar as a gift

I’m going under your nightmares
I’ll write the sins on your skin
To show you part of my delirium
And let it deeply sink into your heart
When you’re asleep
I’ll sing you the last lullaby
Sweet dreams in abyss

- by Cold

marți, 13 aprilie 2010

Insane Obsession

Freeze the fire, burn the water
Cut my face like you did it to my heart
Swallow your words, sick and stupid
The knife inside is giving you my kiss

Push me from you, call me insane
’Cause I only follow the instincts
If you run away, you won’t get so far
I’ll always be one step behind

If the love is pain I want to feel it
To choke slowly in my own blood
My hands are shaking, eyes are blinded
I’ve already got in this fantastic obsession

Love is blind
Love is hurt
Give me pain which I deserve

All I hear are obsessive voices
The illusionist drags my thoughts
All I see is your face in front of me
I can't resist the feeling that overcome

- by Cold

vineri, 9 aprilie 2010

Celestic Light

While the the moon flame is showering you
The Devil is dancing under
While the moon is burning out
Hot wax is falling on your palms

Until the darkness is awake
And black clouds over us
Wind will be our guide tonight

That is the lunar light
Which lights our faces up
And brings the bittersweet unrest in

Come, come, come
Find me in the ghostly night
Where I'm dancing around the fire
Break the silence, join me
Be seductive for this sinful night

Come, come, come
Do you feel my cold touch?
Put your hands on your frightened eyes
And tell me how do you like my kiss
My cold kiss of death...
- by Cold

sâmbătă, 3 aprilie 2010


Nothing here is as it seems
Everything is incomplete
Life and puzzles joined together
Sadness made of self defeat

Push back all of the emotions
Swallow down what’s left of me
Numb the pain I’ve long remembered
Isolate reality

My eyes part open as I wonder
Where am I to go from here?
So much effort buried in time
All of the memories disappear

Staring at the second hand as
It slowly inches toward death
My unseen scars and inane feelings
Fade away with my final breath

- by Cold