marți, 27 aprilie 2010


Bind myself in vain again
Their vapour words turn into lies
My heart is so drained of this
Screaming for salvation
Can’t endure this pain that flows through my veins,
Like a poison

I’m walking through the starry sky
Seeking for more dreams
Longing to embrace them
When I dream in the darkness
I feel so safe
No one can deprive my love to the shadows
No one can hurt me anymore

I’m falling into temptation
There’s no fear of drowning
Insanity is my empathy
This is my true love to abyss

Lorn in the silence again
In their arms my love isn’t enough (never will be)
Swallowing all the tears in the deaf of night
Hiding my rage behind my fake smile
In the end I belong to among the ashes
It’s where I’ll entwine myself in delirium

No one can save me from the delirium
Forever wrapped in the tame
I’m not lost in this endlessly path I walk alone
No one can wake me up from the mirage
It’s where I belong all along

I’m going under the gloom
I loath you for bury me alive in decay
Convince me I’m dead
Convince me I’m delirium
And I’ll will lead you to your core and show you the scar as a gift

I’m going under your nightmares
I’ll write the sins on your skin
To show you part of my delirium
And let it deeply sink into your heart
When you’re asleep
I’ll sing you the last lullaby
Sweet dreams in abyss

- by Cold

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