miercuri, 17 noiembrie 2010

Unshed Tears

My mind is consumed with sadness
When I think of all the unkindness
That has passed through my life
Absorbed in hurt for things said and done
None of which can be undone
One decade build this pain
How do I escape from this inner hurricane?
I should cry but the tears have run dry.
Tears which no longer run freely down my cheeks
Run deep within my soul staying there for weeks.
In need of release from this distress
I turn to someone for a gentle caress
Loneliness follows disappointment
Why can’t there be hugs heaven sent?
Unshed tears begin to flow again
Slowly running down my chin

- by Cold

luni, 15 noiembrie 2010

Dead end

Death is labeled as the dark end
I have seen people fear this last adventure
Strange that a flickering candle is ignorant
And fails to comprehend the inevitable
Treading on serrated rocks with care
We risk a fall every moment, every step
Death follows us everywhere
It is not the inevitable End
As so many perceive it to be
But a tentative and gregarious fellow
Who vacillates to approach you
For a limited period of time
And then embraces with a zealous love
He is a selfless entity
Who has borne many a soul
Embarking on the essential excursion
Fear Him not
For the ground we tread on is brittle
And he walks but two steps behind
While irony smiles at man’s blindness

- by Cold

marți, 26 octombrie 2010

The Truth About a lie

A heart beat stops, a warmth goes cold,
A light goes out, a life is sold.

Closer and closer the enemy closes in
Around its tiny, helpless victim.

An innocent child, killed by hate.
When she wants to change, it will be too late.

He is pushed aside, without a glance,
Without a thought, without a chance.

Crimson blood is split and in the end,
One heart beat stops, but two souls are dead.

marți, 28 septembrie 2010

Eyes wide open

The words of the poet seem hauntingly familiar
The days and the years now gone by
Each time he laid his heart bare
Each time at the moment his words were true
So many times he gave his heart away freely
Only wanting to heal the wounds left behind by others
Never was it his intent to add more to their pain
Even after years of tears he was still blind to where he was going wrong
Blinded each time by what he thought was the purity of his intent
Blinded each time by the goodness of the deed he thought was being done
He did not see the lives he was playing with
He did not see the damage he was leaving behind him
Or the fact the pain he was inflicting was far worse then any healing he had done
Leaving souls laid bare to go and help the next broken one
Ignoring the voice in the back of his mind
How could he be so wrong with all the good he was doing?
Now over many days and years he looks back
He sees the trail of broken hearts he set out to heal
Only leaving a trail of tears and ravaged souls in their place
Alone now he cuts himself everyday for each
His tears give him no comfort
Nor should they
Where did he go wrong?
Where did I go wrong?
I only meant the best each time.
I never took the time to finish what I started
I never took the responsibility to open my eyes
These words remind me of all the excuses I wrote
The words of a poet forever lost and unawareness
My eyes are wide open now
My eyes are wide open now
I see the damage I have done
I see the damage I have done
Now I must learn to live with it
There is no easy way out
There is only living with the pain I so freely gave to others
Hoping maybe someday I can be forgiven
I truly am sorry
Though my regret will never change anything
Maybe tomorrow I will not make the same mistakes
Maybe tomorrow I will finish what I start
Maybe tomorrow...

- by Cold

Beyond here...

I've been drinking on a cocktail
Of disillusion and despair
Since my hopes and dreams
Were left hanging in the air.

Pills of low self-esteem
Are thrown on the nightstand
Next to the bottle of regret
That I keep in hand.

A cigarette half burnt
Eats through the sheets on my bed
While memories of long-lost happiness
Awake and die in my head.

Curtains of denial cover the rest of the world.
Another day of solitude lines up ...
Everything around is dead quiet
But the fights with myself never stop.

Night blends in with the day.
Trapped in a timeless space,
I am hardly alive,
Living with dishonor and in disgrace.

I pour myself another glass,
And let the torture come and pass.

- by Cold

vineri, 24 septembrie 2010

Shattered Words

I express myself with poems and words
flowing from my mouth
weaving and mending
floating intricate patterns of the mind
that fade in other eyes

When I pour my soul out
why must you laugh?
why must you mock?

My inner spirit is bleeding from my fingers
staining the pages with the thoughts
that are engraved into my heart
like the delicate words on a tombstone

I am what I say
my words heal
repairing broken pieces of my heart
making the glassy sharp edges smooth

When I pour my soul out
why must you laugh?
why must you mock?

- by Cold

miercuri, 8 septembrie 2010

Precious one

I know I’ll never talk to you
Or hold you in my arms-
Not a day goes by when I don’t wish
You’d never come to harm.
I cry alone and hope I’ll wake
To find it’s just a dream
But I know that isn’t possible
Though easy, it would seem.

So here, today, I say to you
“Good-bye, my precious one”
‘For tears I’ve cried won’t bring you back
Or undo what has been done.
I know that you can’t hear my words
Or listen to my thoughts
But in this way, someday I’ll find
The acceptance I have sought.

I know I’ll never hear you cry
Or wipe away your tears
When you were torn away from me
I realized my worst fears.
My hopes and dreams I had for you
Will never come to be
But I hope in time, with love and faith,
Some peace will come to me.

- by Cold

On My Own

I walked into the darkness willingly
The darkness did not want me
It spat me back out into a world not of my choosing
My future uncertain I reversed course
I hoped to find someone out of my past to help guide me
Each time I was disappointed
Everyone is so wrapped up in their own troubles
Not even a true friend to share with was found
The realization is I am on my own
It is all going to have to be in a New World
There are no known safe harbors ahead
It is all a mystery
And I have to face it on my own
I have to be strong enough
With on one to lean on
I easily admit it is all very very scary to me
I do not even know which direction I should head in
It is all going to be brand new
But the questions remain....
what am I now?
What should I become?
When will I feel safe again?
How long until love can be real?
My door....
The whole world....
One foot in front of the other
The longest journey begins with just one small step
Have I began yet?
Or am I still waiting?

- by Cold

miercuri, 25 august 2010


Life is like a dirty mirror
Reflecting only passing images of the truth
Truth so twisted with each passing day
We are all already dead
Only no one has told us to lay down and rot
We shuffle through the days
Marked not by how much good has been done
But by all the anger and evil seen in the world around us
The world is dying around us
If you listen you can hear the death throws
One day we will wake up
There will be nothing left to ruin
Then the people will cry out to their gods
"God! Why have you forsaken us"?
When in truth we turned our backs long ago
At one time we held such wonderful promise
We carried such dreams as to make us equal with the gods
But we never cared about the consequences
Or the costs of building such dreams
The day we finally reach the mountain top
We will only have ruin to look back down upon
I do not know if we can be saved
I do not know if we are worth saving
I only hope we leave some living thing to cover our ashes
And leave not a burning lifeless rock as our tombstone.

- by Cold

joi, 12 august 2010

An open corner

Alone, in a dark quiet room
On a gloomy night, I fill myself with grief
As I think through my painful times
I regret to have thrown chances
And make wrong simple decisions
. . . I grieve, alone, at an open corner.

I scream out a thunder
Crying a storm, as I drown
Restless in the ocean of sorrow
I'm still left unknown
To them of my presence
. . . I weep, alone, at an open corner.

Know not a soul
Of the secrets I'm filled
Neither furthest nor nearest could simply understand
The difference between my needs and desires
They know of only what they see
And care not of what they can't
My unseen feelings are hidden in me
. . . And I hide, alone, at an open corner.

- by Cold

Just let me bleed

Watch my tears, do not refrain.
No need to fake it all again.
No need to care, and please, don’t smile.
Leave me alone, I’ll be a while.
You shed dead tears, but never weep,
My emotions are for me to keep.
Please don’t pretend, no need to lie,
Just waiting now, waiting to die.
No need to gently stroke my face,
No need to chat, I know my place.
I will not cry, I will not fight,
Drag me now, into the night.
Take my smile, my very last breath,
No need to shush me into death.
I have been ready for some time.
A willingness that is solely mine.
I do not pray, you understand,
No need to falsely take my hand.
I will not weep, when you leave me here,
I do not need you to be near.
I always knew I’d be alone,
No one to love, to call my own.
Take me now into the dark,
Your mind untainted, I left no mark.
I will not struggle, will not plead,
Just leave me here and let me bleed.

- by Cold

Silent Soul

Alone, lonely ones are
Who figured out their own star
Crafted in their sadness
With so much eagerness

Time elapse
Their happiness collapse
They run for shelter
Somewhere inner

Never crying for help,
Feeling so secured in their shell
They express themselves

In what they wear
Saying indirectly
That they don’t care

Following their silent thoughts
Till they erode
Cries, cries from their silent soul…

- by Cold

marți, 10 august 2010


I never asked
For a blessing like you.
Like I've spoken to God
And my wishes came true.
I asked for a person
To love and to hold.
To be loyal and faithful
Not angry and cold.
Every one has a destiny to find,
Looking in your eyes I have found mine.
You're all I ever wanted,
You're all I'll ever need.

- by Cold

Ink of my quill

Softly, she asked, “How much do you love me?”
Can one tell and quantify the air we breathe?
Can one count up the sand one speck at a time?
Can one measure the beat of my heart that seethe?

She was so full of queries and she questioned again,
Of how do I compose an astounding idyllic verse.
Whispering lightheartedly if she enthuses me too,
For her, I’d navigate the path over again I traversed.

Her name is an unwritten mantra inhabiting my heart;
Her voice reverberates and echoes in my recollection;
Jarred together clashed a massive light of reflection.

We declared vows as we breathe our passion each night;
Surrendered our souls to each other never letting go,
Mere thought of her away dreadfully tortures my mind,
Love has made me selfish for my honor to you I bestow.

In all my existence I believed she is the myth I prayed for;
The ink of my quill on a blank parchment that waits,
The writings and blessings of my plume gently scrawls,
A legend amazed me of her gift from one of the greats.

- by Cold


Whenever I look at you
It seems I can see your soul
It's not that I have to stare at you
When I do though, I'm staring with my soul

You never had to be in front of me, to see you
But when you are, your beauty takes control
You see, I can always see you
All of you...I wanted you to know

You have by far the most angelic presence
While you sleep, while you're across the room
While you lie and let me hold you too

I never want say goodbye when the day ends
Then, all I want to do is say hello again
You have looked at me too like this
And it touches my heart to no end

I'm never more happy than when I look at you
Well, maybe when you look back at me
I want you to know I love you too
And for both, I'll do anything

Its amazing for me to see this in your eyes
Yet, its all so very clear
See, God did grab a hold of me
And said "Look, she's your other half".

- by Cold

vineri, 6 august 2010

My ... you

You are the painting that I want to paint.
You are the poetry I want to write.
You are the sculpture that I want to make.
You are the temple I want to design.

Inside me, you are the moon and the stars.
You are the perfect creation of God.
No hell is able to tear us apart.
No paradise can ever reach this good.

You are the perfect portrait of my soul.
You are the words that define who I am.
You are the rock that supports and controls
All the love inside that shadow I plan.

You are the silence of the desert hoods
Where I'm the wizard of the sky above.
The joy of living, the greatest of goods
Is hidden in you, forever my love.

Love's all around, from now until forever,
Keeping the secret of you and me, together...

- by Cold , for that special someone .

joi, 5 august 2010

Angelic Pain

As I look down, below the clouds,
I see the face of the lonely,
If only I could tell them to keep holding on,
Their guardian angel is with thee.

Life slipping from their fingers,
Wishing to tell them it will work out,
Hold the tears and the fears,
I fear that there is doubt.

Reaching out through the clouds,
Trying to keep myself from falling,
Crying out to them,
Don’t they hear my calling?

Eyes filled with tears for those who are lost,
Feeling my fingers slip,
Eyes quickly fill with fear,
I’m falling, scared to death, biting my lip.

There is no one around to help,
Hoping God will save me,
Landing on the ground,
Broken wings, broken halo, what is to be?

Broken wings cannot fly,
Bruises cover my arms,
Broken dreams wishing for strength,
Will they sound the alarms?

Alone on the ground,
The rain begins to pour,
Tears of God or tears of angels,
I really can’t be sure.

Waves crashing on the beach,
Anger and fear,
Rain falling harder and harder,
I let out one last tear.

A fallen angel left alone,
Alone to die,
No one around to save me,
The last breath I let out with a sigh.

- by Cold

luni, 2 august 2010

A shackle

...Hide the lies,
You created with your empty words
Embrace them tenderly
Locked the secrets in the box,
You whispered to the shadows,
Wilt every rose with your dirty hands,
You killed my sanity…
Internal beauty you envy, you
Built the walls where nightmares feed my fears…
Endless pain,
You watched every fragment of corpse is fading into a blaze
Bittersweet kisses,
You’re falling in the arms of asylum
Yet I’m still screaming your name in the darkness...

- by Cold

miercuri, 28 iulie 2010


Unleash your soul
From the grave
Erase your name on epitaph
With the bloody fingers
Let the drops of blood pours in your sanity
And walk through the path of immortality

I miss your shadow....
Craving the love hidden in
The depth of heart
Too lost in your death
I ‘m falling in arms of solitude
Entwined with the spirit within my wounds
Drowning into temptation
Can’t cease the pain I embraced by the memories
It kills me very deeply

Forgive me,
Not letting the roses cover your scars
I fear to show you my sins
If I whisper you my sorrow through the poem
Will you love me again?
If I let the clouds cry
Will you drink all these fallen tears I have been hiding all along...

- by Cold

duminică, 25 iulie 2010

Tears of shadow

Believe in the darkness
That comes from within
Tap tap tap on my heart
Till it breaks a part
And remember the last time
I was being so shy
When I said you were mine
I almost started to cry
Tears of blackness
From the shadow soul
That lives within the heartless hollows
Soon to be devoured by the cold corpses
Darkness is full
Lightness is soon to be dull
Blood drips from the shadows face
Split in two fly up with its grace
Successors to make a mistake
Failures to be resurrected
Caged inside i want to be set free
I'm done with being neglected
Let me off my leash
Precaution around the fakes
Fall from the down
Evaporate from the ground.

- by Cold

luni, 19 iulie 2010

In a shadow

Drowning in dark desperation,
I reach out to a promise floating by.
But as I hold on to it, it’s broken,
And I'm left staring at my reflection in the sky.

The rain clouds hovering above me,
Cast shadows that sink under my skin.
I can feel the darkness growing,
As it feeds on my blood and makes it thin.

A violent cry erupts within me,
So strong it grasps at my very soul.
But I'm too weak to scream for help,
So darkness is left to take its toll.

Saturated in this heavy hue,
Piece by piece I'm falling apart.
I was trying so hard to save my soul,
I didn't see the darkness take my heart.

- by Cold

sâmbătă, 3 iulie 2010


As i see the lights of my living hell,
darkness calls me in its prism.
Making me face hell myself.. Making me loose blood..
No rules, no faith, just a free world.
A world where I can enjoy each night of my life.
A world where I can die.
A world with no laughter and tears.
No good and evil.
With no hate, nor love.
Full of simplicity and uniqueness.
Getting to know more people makes me forget some I knew.
That's how I keep my world.
It would be troublesome to know everybody.
Always favors, please and go suck hell.
People always care for themselves.
So why should I care for them? Or, it can be you.
It can be all of you.
You laugh when you're happy.
I laugh when I want.
You cry tears, but
I cry blood.
So what's our difference?
What is love?
What is life?
Such stupid questions.
Why do people care so much about them?
Love gains hate. You can't define love without hatred.
And about life? Answer that when you're dead.
No one can live forever.
That's the fact,and is the real fact.
We'll be dead.
Don't call heaven. Gods are dead too.
So what would be our difference?

- by Cold

marți, 29 iunie 2010


Another beauty was born within the fake world
Yet fragile and innocent, lost in own dreams
I’ll haunt you through the endless path to the abyss
I’ll turn your beauty into curse
And lock you in the depth of my empty heart
Never letting you fade away
You’re my inspiration
For shattering the mirror of your sanity...

- by Cold

joi, 24 iunie 2010

Cold Night

Cold so very cold
so cold that the night time sky
shall fall on thee
as I watch the night time beauty
crash down on thyself
I wonder
why me?
Why now?
Why not someone else?
As it falls I can see one thing
and one thing only
my life flashing before my eyes
and then
there is no more pain
and it is all over...

- by Cold

vineri, 28 mai 2010

Heart Beat

Inside the darkening room
Inside this tiny black room
Between too many cluttered memories
I can hear the heartbeat
I can hear the beating of my heart

Behind the closed door
Beneath the sloping timbers
Between the dust and the dirt
I can hear the heartbeat
The beating of my heart

Above the books,
Above the magazines
Between the missing stories
I can hear the heartbeat
I can hear the beating of her heart

Beside the broken dolls
Beside the empty pram
Beyond the small, small cries
I want to hear my heartbeat
I want to hear the beating of my heart

Through the keyhole darkly
The eye of all things past
Of whom I can never become
I cannot hear my heartbeat
I cannot hear my heartbeat

Listen for a heartbeat
Listen for a heartbeat
Listen for her heartbeat

- by Cold

sâmbătă, 15 mai 2010

It's not done

Tis' not a love I feel
Nor a hatred of this way
But a sorrow for life.

For one must take this existence
And be content. One cannot borrow
Another's, for in Ether 'it is not the done thing'.

Now hatred for birthright.
For I have none, and yet
It would be that I see not

What others pretend. A world in
Green flames, souls at a loss for
'It is not the done thing'.

I mentioned a love. It is that love of
Hate, a sorrows love, that comprehension
Dismisses and rapes. And they reek of it.

Pitch white Harpies drink of my bosoms emotion.
Blackened, fallen upon a deep seated
dread that all is not seen in truth.

And no Muse does help me.
Nor a heaving Titan, nor any heathen Beast,
For I am not worthy of them.

The red sky drowns at the horizon
And a blue moon reaches down and
plucks them for the heavens.

It's a deranged feeling, I feel that
I am not realistically ordained.
Not blessed am I with a colored world.

I would wish hat these skyward Harpies
Would leave me, or bury me with them,
Or just let me alone for a day or night to
See the world through eyes that see not what I see.

Any distance under suits me best.
For I may witness through earth
A gray world, and black matted figures
May not witness my hideousness of sight.

But it will not, can not, be. I am alive.

- by Cold

The Cold Ones

A shattered soul is easy to see, with fist at hands and clenched teeth, it bounds thee. The ones who's memories invoke thee, that which causes misery. The ones who's story's are untold, the ones that wait, to simply regenerate. The ones that walk every night, and search for the one who will help with the fights. The fights to loose, the fights to win, even the fights that rage under the skin. They are considered to be cold, built strong and bold. But cravings consumed them, and with there eyes penetrating thee, you will come to see, more then there own pain and misery.

- by Cold

Bloom Again

Incredible oasis proper for seeding death
Unprotected child with lachrymal eyes
Will be their new sacrifice
Because new age looks for new sacrifices
New believers, new vassals

Rebellion of fallen, ascension
Battle will last
Till the last drop of blood

Silent night runs in vow
All smother in their own tears
In ecstasy a sinner prayers
The most faithful believers disbelieve
And narcissuses bloom again

Stop to arouse sleeping ones
Ground cracks under their feet
Only narcissuses bloom in silence
Fortune, where are you now?

Torture me until you don’t see
How red liquid leaves my body
Will you be satisfied then?

- by Cold

marți, 27 aprilie 2010


Bind myself in vain again
Their vapour words turn into lies
My heart is so drained of this
Screaming for salvation
Can’t endure this pain that flows through my veins,
Like a poison

I’m walking through the starry sky
Seeking for more dreams
Longing to embrace them
When I dream in the darkness
I feel so safe
No one can deprive my love to the shadows
No one can hurt me anymore

I’m falling into temptation
There’s no fear of drowning
Insanity is my empathy
This is my true love to abyss

Lorn in the silence again
In their arms my love isn’t enough (never will be)
Swallowing all the tears in the deaf of night
Hiding my rage behind my fake smile
In the end I belong to among the ashes
It’s where I’ll entwine myself in delirium

No one can save me from the delirium
Forever wrapped in the tame
I’m not lost in this endlessly path I walk alone
No one can wake me up from the mirage
It’s where I belong all along

I’m going under the gloom
I loath you for bury me alive in decay
Convince me I’m dead
Convince me I’m delirium
And I’ll will lead you to your core and show you the scar as a gift

I’m going under your nightmares
I’ll write the sins on your skin
To show you part of my delirium
And let it deeply sink into your heart
When you’re asleep
I’ll sing you the last lullaby
Sweet dreams in abyss

- by Cold

marți, 13 aprilie 2010

Insane Obsession

Freeze the fire, burn the water
Cut my face like you did it to my heart
Swallow your words, sick and stupid
The knife inside is giving you my kiss

Push me from you, call me insane
’Cause I only follow the instincts
If you run away, you won’t get so far
I’ll always be one step behind

If the love is pain I want to feel it
To choke slowly in my own blood
My hands are shaking, eyes are blinded
I’ve already got in this fantastic obsession

Love is blind
Love is hurt
Give me pain which I deserve

All I hear are obsessive voices
The illusionist drags my thoughts
All I see is your face in front of me
I can't resist the feeling that overcome

- by Cold

vineri, 9 aprilie 2010

Celestic Light

While the the moon flame is showering you
The Devil is dancing under
While the moon is burning out
Hot wax is falling on your palms

Until the darkness is awake
And black clouds over us
Wind will be our guide tonight

That is the lunar light
Which lights our faces up
And brings the bittersweet unrest in

Come, come, come
Find me in the ghostly night
Where I'm dancing around the fire
Break the silence, join me
Be seductive for this sinful night

Come, come, come
Do you feel my cold touch?
Put your hands on your frightened eyes
And tell me how do you like my kiss
My cold kiss of death...
- by Cold

sâmbătă, 3 aprilie 2010


Nothing here is as it seems
Everything is incomplete
Life and puzzles joined together
Sadness made of self defeat

Push back all of the emotions
Swallow down what’s left of me
Numb the pain I’ve long remembered
Isolate reality

My eyes part open as I wonder
Where am I to go from here?
So much effort buried in time
All of the memories disappear

Staring at the second hand as
It slowly inches toward death
My unseen scars and inane feelings
Fade away with my final breath

- by Cold

luni, 29 martie 2010

Fake and True

Bleeding thoughts,
broken words,
dreams are smashed,
I fake a smile pretend it doesn't hurt.
I fake a laugh,
I shed a tear,
I wish I had someone near.
I hide the cuts on my wrists
where I cut deep to bleed out my pain.
I fake a smile, glued on my face so no-one can see my shame.
All day I wonder how it would feel to be dead,
would it be better than these racing thoughts going through my head?
People think I'm happy, and that I love life.
They're so wrong.
I can't handle another night, I can't fight another fight, I can't survive another day.
I cry myself to sleep
I feel like I'm wearing a disguise
everything hurts,
nothing comforts,
the days are long,
I wish for some words,
some encouragement,
some happiness,
someone to say "I love you"
and that i'm worth something.
I don't know what keeps me going,
but deep inside something does,
I'm holding on as long as I can.

- by Cold

My mind

This pain I have inside of me, ripping and tearing so viciously
These screams echoing within my head, I'd much rather die instead
Do you not see me or understand
Beckoning you forward to take my hand
Follow me and you will see, the fear and anger quickly consuming me
Pulling my hair, pulling my clothes
I fear not death and all of it's woes
Left behind is a trail of lies
A kind of presence that never dies
Inevitable death to those who seek
Comes on swift wings, no time to think
Banging my head against the wall
Who is it that I wish to enthrall
The world? My kind?
Pain is all that I find
No time to rewind yet caught inside my own mind
Cannot gain lost time, sends shivers up my spine
You've heard my tale, now you'll see
My mind is a maze
A solution to which there can never be

- by Cold

marți, 23 martie 2010


Faster than one-thousand, razor edged blades...
Overwhelming relief floods and purges through my veins, colder than the blood of a snake.

A smile that changes...everlasting existence.
Through a watery grave of tears.
A deeper weakness buried beneath my strength,
and leaving me with nothing to fear.

Survival, redemption, forgiveness and hate.
the past, though consuming,will soon dissipate.
The dark shadows of doubt, reminders of the evil that was good, pushed under a tidal wave the way that they should.

As I cast you away, I pull you in with seduction.
My eyes now empty, cut you to size, a noticeable reduction. I hear you and feel your pain, yet I have no remorse, as you drown in the sorrows of your rain.

I am to be remembered. Try to forget me, from your memory, erase my name. It's my face that will haunt you and you shall never be the same.

- by Cold

duminică, 14 martie 2010

For you babe

Such satisfaction
feeling so satisfied
longing no more
nothing needed
just you

Dreams fulfilled
expectations met
wanting no more
heart so full
just you

All I could ask for
prayers answered
emotions electric
flaming soul
just you babe

- by Cold

In you

In You..
I found my forever and my friend..
Someone whom I can confide..
Someone whom I can believe in.

In You..
I feel the essense of truth and eternity..
So rare and unique to find..
But in you it happened so naturally..
Love so gentle and so kind..

In You..
I have my dream come true.
Beautiful yet so simple.
A love the world can't break into.

In You..
I see a beauty so peaceful yet so alive.
Delicate yet strong..
Commited to our will to survive.

- by Cold

luni, 1 martie 2010


Somewhere tears are falling
in a place where angels cry.
I listen to the torment
in the echo of their sighs.

The disturbed visions
of a tortured dreamer.
Troubled laughter
from a haunted screamer.

Going down
a spiral stair
yet not there.

Echoes shattering,
falling down,
though deafening silence
is all that I’ve found.

Stone walls do not my prison make,
iron bars make not my cell.
A prisoner of my own mind,
I’m trapped within myself.

- by Cold


I’m cloaked by the shadows of the demons in my soul.
They hide in the valleys with the light that they have stole,
as I walk in the darkness of the void that makes me whole.

Wondering when Surrender comes if my white flag will fly,
as I wait for this moment like I’ve waited my whole life.
But freedom from this torment won’t come freely when I die.

Condemned to spend eternity suffering with the Damned.
No hope for survival, for I am dead where I stand.
Yet still fearing exile, because this is what I am.

- by Cold

For Alice...

Drifting in a deep, dark, endless slumber, I slowly fall beneath a black blanket of
I float helplessly between the walls of anguish and dishonesty, troubled by the
mistakes of my efforts.
Hopelessly I hang my head to the tune of a tattered heart and tired mind,
snapping my fingers to a beat of none existence, that flows quietly through the
lonely air that I inhale reluctantly.
The light at the top of this distress tunnel is quickly fading away and I have no
desire to reach for it again.
Faith is growing weary and right before I close my eyes and surrender to my own
defeat, hands of a magnificent girl grips me tightly, raises me up and sets me in a
place of pure ecstasy.
The song of my heart soon changes and molds my soul into a loving beat sung
over by a powerful choir.
She unintentionally restores my trust, hope and faith and unaware of her great deed
She continues to smile, a smile that assures me that love really does truly exist.

Behind every shadow shines a light. Thank you for beaming on me.

<|3 nothing ever lasts ... I'm sorry , goodbye.

- by Cold for Alice

miercuri, 17 februarie 2010

The darkness falls

Today, the darkness falls, the clouds cover the land,
A soft drizzle falls to the ground, damp and chilled,
Echoing the misery within myself, pulling the tears from me,
And they fall like the drizzling rain, soft and silent.

Walking amongst the rain, its chill touching my flesh,
Drenching my clothes, hair, and soul,
Echoing the silent sorrow I keep inside,
Too frightened to speak, to let it go.

Knowing I stand before a wall,
Beating it with bare fist,
My hands bloody, my soul tired,
Unable to escape the chains.

Today, the darkness falls, the clouds cover the land,
They spiral around me, pulling me into the darkness,
Leaving me alone, hollow and empty,
Knowing there exist no escape for me.

Walking amongst the darkness, feeling at home,
Understanding the darkness, the misery,
Knowing it’s always been, always walked beside me,
Accepting it, holding it close to home.

The waves wash over me
Like the ocean licking the shores
Washing away my tears, my sorrow,
Hiding it deeper and deeper inside.

Today, the darkness falls, thick and heavy,
Trapping me in a cage, leaving me isolated,
And I know that I am truly lost this time,
Lost without an anchor, without an escape.

Can’t escape the waves of sadness
Can’t escape the waves of fear
Can’t escape the waves of torment
Can’t escape the waves of doom.

Today, the darkness falls, consuming me,
Drowning me, trapping me in its darkness,
Keeping me lost, chained to these thoughts,
Thoughts of despair and gloom.

- by Cold

marți, 9 februarie 2010


Shining in the rain and falling in the sun
There is no reason for me to be ashamed
The crime was not my guilt to hold
Could it have been a punishment for me to tend
No never will love be mine to hold
Darkened hearts know no love or hope
Only the empty and the lonely dreams they hold
Chained to the desolate soul, finding only tears

Eventually I will drown in the eclipsed river
Shed from my own eyes, flooding my so called life
No one to help me see the sun, no matter anyhow
The warmth of the sun, makes me weak and I fall
Happiness, smiles only rip asunder my weak belief
It is only the rain that holds me together,
Washing away all the fear, I am safe, no shame

An illusion is this thing called true love,
Once I was held by the fire of this lie
Finally a decade it took to free myself
Know that this is the only way to exist
Alone and in peril, my soul lost, my heart dark
Only me and my demons calling this savage dream
A home, safe in the darkness of my demons heart

- by Cold

miercuri, 3 februarie 2010

Alone Again

Can you help me through this darkness?
Because I can't see the light,
Just a past of broken dreams
As I struggle through the night.
And the days are getting shorter,
And the nights just seem so long,
Too many hours, just too much time,
To ponder what went wrong.

The day you left still lingers,
I can't believe you've gone.
I thought we'd be forever,
I thought you were "the one".
I long to hear your laughter,
To see your face again,
You won't be coming back now,
And I must face my pain.

I know I must move on now,
To greet the breaking dawn,
But how to stop myself from hurting?
To repair my heart that's torn?
I'd reach out to the sunlight,
If you'd just lead me there,
And help me to believe
That there is someone who would care.


February is the month that has marked my life for ever.
I was born on 13th February I'm under the cursed sign of 13th , so this leads to bad luck... I'm always trying to think that 13th brings me luck ... but sometimes it doesn't , my soul is there to be cursed until I shall no longer breathe.

- by Cold

vineri, 8 ianuarie 2010

Heaven's Reign

When we see the sign of horns
God shall be dead on his throne
When the day turns into night
We shall gather for one last fight
As the ancient stands await
Malphas legions pass the gate
As the eyes reflect the hate
Soon they all shall face their fate
As we bring his kingdom down
We shall take his pearly crown
We shall burn his house of lies
We shall rip his mighty flies
As the dead begins to reek
They shall hide and we shall seek
As we reach the burning throne
Dying angels start to mourn
As we see the father's horns
God is laying slain and torn
As the legion reign in heaven
We shall pray the rising seven

- by Cold

duminică, 3 ianuarie 2010


Each tear is another thought of you
Streaming down my face,
Dripping upon this frozen earth
Each smile makes me think of you
And how your eyes gazed into mine
Taking me away from this dreadful world
Of anguish, hate and remorse
Each snowflake that cascades to this solid ground
Is a sign of how much I love you
Every flake of snow is unique, that’s why I want you
For I will never encounter some one as dear to me
Each eyelash
Another wish to make
Each kiss
Another risk to take
Each time you hug me
Another place I’ll be
I hope this will never end
Until my last tear descends

New year

Kinda late post , but ... anyways =)

Happy new year ! 2010 =)

Hope this year will be a better year for all of us.

Hope this year I will write happy poems... =)