joi, 12 august 2010

An open corner

Alone, in a dark quiet room
On a gloomy night, I fill myself with grief
As I think through my painful times
I regret to have thrown chances
And make wrong simple decisions
. . . I grieve, alone, at an open corner.

I scream out a thunder
Crying a storm, as I drown
Restless in the ocean of sorrow
I'm still left unknown
To them of my presence
. . . I weep, alone, at an open corner.

Know not a soul
Of the secrets I'm filled
Neither furthest nor nearest could simply understand
The difference between my needs and desires
They know of only what they see
And care not of what they can't
My unseen feelings are hidden in me
. . . And I hide, alone, at an open corner.

- by Cold

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