joi, 5 august 2010

Angelic Pain

As I look down, below the clouds,
I see the face of the lonely,
If only I could tell them to keep holding on,
Their guardian angel is with thee.

Life slipping from their fingers,
Wishing to tell them it will work out,
Hold the tears and the fears,
I fear that there is doubt.

Reaching out through the clouds,
Trying to keep myself from falling,
Crying out to them,
Don’t they hear my calling?

Eyes filled with tears for those who are lost,
Feeling my fingers slip,
Eyes quickly fill with fear,
I’m falling, scared to death, biting my lip.

There is no one around to help,
Hoping God will save me,
Landing on the ground,
Broken wings, broken halo, what is to be?

Broken wings cannot fly,
Bruises cover my arms,
Broken dreams wishing for strength,
Will they sound the alarms?

Alone on the ground,
The rain begins to pour,
Tears of God or tears of angels,
I really can’t be sure.

Waves crashing on the beach,
Anger and fear,
Rain falling harder and harder,
I let out one last tear.

A fallen angel left alone,
Alone to die,
No one around to save me,
The last breath I let out with a sigh.

- by Cold

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