joi, 12 august 2010

Just let me bleed

Watch my tears, do not refrain.
No need to fake it all again.
No need to care, and please, don’t smile.
Leave me alone, I’ll be a while.
You shed dead tears, but never weep,
My emotions are for me to keep.
Please don’t pretend, no need to lie,
Just waiting now, waiting to die.
No need to gently stroke my face,
No need to chat, I know my place.
I will not cry, I will not fight,
Drag me now, into the night.
Take my smile, my very last breath,
No need to shush me into death.
I have been ready for some time.
A willingness that is solely mine.
I do not pray, you understand,
No need to falsely take my hand.
I will not weep, when you leave me here,
I do not need you to be near.
I always knew I’d be alone,
No one to love, to call my own.
Take me now into the dark,
Your mind untainted, I left no mark.
I will not struggle, will not plead,
Just leave me here and let me bleed.

- by Cold

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