miercuri, 25 august 2010


Life is like a dirty mirror
Reflecting only passing images of the truth
Truth so twisted with each passing day
We are all already dead
Only no one has told us to lay down and rot
We shuffle through the days
Marked not by how much good has been done
But by all the anger and evil seen in the world around us
The world is dying around us
If you listen you can hear the death throws
One day we will wake up
There will be nothing left to ruin
Then the people will cry out to their gods
"God! Why have you forsaken us"?
When in truth we turned our backs long ago
At one time we held such wonderful promise
We carried such dreams as to make us equal with the gods
But we never cared about the consequences
Or the costs of building such dreams
The day we finally reach the mountain top
We will only have ruin to look back down upon
I do not know if we can be saved
I do not know if we are worth saving
I only hope we leave some living thing to cover our ashes
And leave not a burning lifeless rock as our tombstone.

- by Cold

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