vineri, 6 august 2010

My ... you

You are the painting that I want to paint.
You are the poetry I want to write.
You are the sculpture that I want to make.
You are the temple I want to design.

Inside me, you are the moon and the stars.
You are the perfect creation of God.
No hell is able to tear us apart.
No paradise can ever reach this good.

You are the perfect portrait of my soul.
You are the words that define who I am.
You are the rock that supports and controls
All the love inside that shadow I plan.

You are the silence of the desert hoods
Where I'm the wizard of the sky above.
The joy of living, the greatest of goods
Is hidden in you, forever my love.

Love's all around, from now until forever,
Keeping the secret of you and me, together...

- by Cold , for that special someone .

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