marți, 25 august 2009


Where have you gone my little sunshine ?
You left in a hurry without giving my heart back
Not even looking back ,
I always told you how much I love you
And I hope you will see
That I'm different than them
I will never hurt you and let you fall.
Hey I can still smell your perfume
And your whispers like a fine tune
Your face was shining like a moon
And your blond hair as the morning colour.

marți, 18 august 2009


The taste of your lips
still lingers in my mouth,
the rhythm of your heart beat
still pulses beneath my palm,
the aroma of your hair
still veils my face;

But everything is an illusion,
all I feel now is just an echo,
which could cause me nothing but confusion
and it is more than I could bear.

Why do you think I walked away?
Why do you think I turned my back?
I just wanted to show you I`m not a prey
that would fill anything you lack.

Oh,yes,I loved you immensely,
but things just change, you know what people say,
and no matter how hard you try to make me
I would never step out of my way.

- by Cold

vineri, 7 august 2009

Poet's Sin

Oh well , this look's like a pretty good month for me, I think it is the Gothic music that inspires me.

Wrath is my inspiration
Your blood is my sin that send tears you shad alone
I'll taste each of your drop
your drop is my life

My mistress of the night
I know
My words aren’t good enough
For your stars to sing for salvation
My poems are dead just like my heart

Save me from myself
I am lost in own imaginary world
I built it long ago
Set me free from the lunatic

Under the moonlight shadow
I cry in the deep silence
My weep turns into the scream
Deaf night thrones over me
Surrender already to the emptiness
I let it devour my soul
My fall is greed for the darkness

Angels are crying upon my fate
Impious are dancing in the circle of fear
Born again in vain

The drip of anguish I shad
Drink my drop from my blinded eyes
And I will fall from my grace
The sin will embraces me tenderly

I’m a Poet , sinner
I write the vapor words
Within the solitude
I sing the laments to melt
The beauty of the darkness
I sleep beneath the wane
My howl is deaf to the world
I uselessly dream
There’s no blaze to delight my path
Alone in the dark
Shadows on the wall
Will gain my soul

Privacy blinded me
every day looking for shooting in darkness
Star To me clarify my end
forever imprisoned in the fear of
pain is spreading to my veined
wrongdoing in government
Going astray alone through endless path
narcotic night my heart and howls in the dark

- by Cold

marți, 4 august 2009


As I thought I flied with you
To the four ends of the universe
My tired wings began feeling
The cruel grasps of the sweltering sun.
And so my feathers slowly began falling
Till at last I died in my own illusions
And I dwelled in a never-ending funeral
Where it was my own body
That wouldn't rot,
But gleamed more afresh,
To always remind the dreamer
Of how foolish he had been
Believing that there was true love
In the heaven of your eyes.

- by Cold


Again I feel the same , it's like someone follows me , like someone is right behind me.
I think I am going insane , it say's that loneliness drives people insane.
I don't even know how I will manage to finish what I am writing now.
Anyways , I told my self that I should write and other things except poems.
And I'm going to try. Though it's weird because they are not poems .
I feel scared by something inside my room . I feel a strange presence .
Last night I could not sleep , I only heard whispers . Pretty much pissing me off.
But the strange thing was that they were loud whispers .
Well craziness here you have another victim.
If I would tell my mother , she would go like , you are crazy , now you can hear whispers ?
And she would start laughing , my parent's never took me serious .
I even showed them my blog , they laughed and said its crap.
Well maybe it is , but I like writing crap like this. Even if it won't take me somewhere.
Anyways ... people ask me why I write in English and not in my natal language , Romanian , and I have told them , that I hate that language , I hate this country , because it's full of shit.
All the garbage and the rudeness in this country makes me sick.
I think this country should be isolated from the rest of the world and hope one day the population of this country shall turn to zero.
I know this post is like ummm... pointless and weird ... but please look at the title ... it's called "Weirdness" . I just wrote some thoughts of mine ... useless ...

luni, 3 august 2009

I do not know

I do not know of what to speak
My mind goes numb and I feel weak

Tired of my fucking life
Tired of this world
I try to find out on my own

What is wrong or what is right
If what I feel is right ?

The pain that have been left inside
Will come back soon
One dreadful night

I'm tired of just writing poems , null in words of my once past
No one knows of my one gift , that God gave to me

No one cares of what I do .
They leave me blind , sad and blue.

I'm sick of sharing all my pain , with people that have no fame
What I feel is so complex , not even in a poem can it be compressed.

I think my world is coming to an end.
Do I really want it to end here?

This stupid thing that you call love.
That they say it's from above.

My words are meaningless and make no sense
I start to write with just non-sense

One thing just goes through my mind
Will you ever be just mine?
- by Cold

The Empty Truth

Your presence
dominates my sights
like a dream within a memory
close enough to taste,
to smell,
but like a constant ringing in my ear
never is never too far from near
fantasy will slip away from reality and
I will be lost between
the abstract thought of loving you,
and the empty truth of seeing you from a distance.

- by Cold

sâmbătă, 1 august 2009

Lost it all

What’s the use?,
Why should I try anymore?,
I give it my all,
My whole heart,
All the energy I have,
All for you,
And only to fall,

I get back up,
Each and every time,
Only to be pushed away,
A fall way back down,

Well now I’m done,
I’m sick of it,
Sick of everything,
That you have put me through,
Now I’ve found someone,
And she is ever so pretty,
Ever so great,
And she welcomes me in.
With out a fight.

- Cold