marți, 4 august 2009


Again I feel the same , it's like someone follows me , like someone is right behind me.
I think I am going insane , it say's that loneliness drives people insane.
I don't even know how I will manage to finish what I am writing now.
Anyways , I told my self that I should write and other things except poems.
And I'm going to try. Though it's weird because they are not poems .
I feel scared by something inside my room . I feel a strange presence .
Last night I could not sleep , I only heard whispers . Pretty much pissing me off.
But the strange thing was that they were loud whispers .
Well craziness here you have another victim.
If I would tell my mother , she would go like , you are crazy , now you can hear whispers ?
And she would start laughing , my parent's never took me serious .
I even showed them my blog , they laughed and said its crap.
Well maybe it is , but I like writing crap like this. Even if it won't take me somewhere.
Anyways ... people ask me why I write in English and not in my natal language , Romanian , and I have told them , that I hate that language , I hate this country , because it's full of shit.
All the garbage and the rudeness in this country makes me sick.
I think this country should be isolated from the rest of the world and hope one day the population of this country shall turn to zero.
I know this post is like ummm... pointless and weird ... but please look at the title ... it's called "Weirdness" . I just wrote some thoughts of mine ... useless ...

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