luni, 3 august 2009

I do not know

I do not know of what to speak
My mind goes numb and I feel weak

Tired of my fucking life
Tired of this world
I try to find out on my own

What is wrong or what is right
If what I feel is right ?

The pain that have been left inside
Will come back soon
One dreadful night

I'm tired of just writing poems , null in words of my once past
No one knows of my one gift , that God gave to me

No one cares of what I do .
They leave me blind , sad and blue.

I'm sick of sharing all my pain , with people that have no fame
What I feel is so complex , not even in a poem can it be compressed.

I think my world is coming to an end.
Do I really want it to end here?

This stupid thing that you call love.
That they say it's from above.

My words are meaningless and make no sense
I start to write with just non-sense

One thing just goes through my mind
Will you ever be just mine?
- by Cold

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