miercuri, 25 august 2010


Life is like a dirty mirror
Reflecting only passing images of the truth
Truth so twisted with each passing day
We are all already dead
Only no one has told us to lay down and rot
We shuffle through the days
Marked not by how much good has been done
But by all the anger and evil seen in the world around us
The world is dying around us
If you listen you can hear the death throws
One day we will wake up
There will be nothing left to ruin
Then the people will cry out to their gods
"God! Why have you forsaken us"?
When in truth we turned our backs long ago
At one time we held such wonderful promise
We carried such dreams as to make us equal with the gods
But we never cared about the consequences
Or the costs of building such dreams
The day we finally reach the mountain top
We will only have ruin to look back down upon
I do not know if we can be saved
I do not know if we are worth saving
I only hope we leave some living thing to cover our ashes
And leave not a burning lifeless rock as our tombstone.

- by Cold

joi, 12 august 2010

An open corner

Alone, in a dark quiet room
On a gloomy night, I fill myself with grief
As I think through my painful times
I regret to have thrown chances
And make wrong simple decisions
. . . I grieve, alone, at an open corner.

I scream out a thunder
Crying a storm, as I drown
Restless in the ocean of sorrow
I'm still left unknown
To them of my presence
. . . I weep, alone, at an open corner.

Know not a soul
Of the secrets I'm filled
Neither furthest nor nearest could simply understand
The difference between my needs and desires
They know of only what they see
And care not of what they can't
My unseen feelings are hidden in me
. . . And I hide, alone, at an open corner.

- by Cold

Just let me bleed

Watch my tears, do not refrain.
No need to fake it all again.
No need to care, and please, don’t smile.
Leave me alone, I’ll be a while.
You shed dead tears, but never weep,
My emotions are for me to keep.
Please don’t pretend, no need to lie,
Just waiting now, waiting to die.
No need to gently stroke my face,
No need to chat, I know my place.
I will not cry, I will not fight,
Drag me now, into the night.
Take my smile, my very last breath,
No need to shush me into death.
I have been ready for some time.
A willingness that is solely mine.
I do not pray, you understand,
No need to falsely take my hand.
I will not weep, when you leave me here,
I do not need you to be near.
I always knew I’d be alone,
No one to love, to call my own.
Take me now into the dark,
Your mind untainted, I left no mark.
I will not struggle, will not plead,
Just leave me here and let me bleed.

- by Cold

Silent Soul

Alone, lonely ones are
Who figured out their own star
Crafted in their sadness
With so much eagerness

Time elapse
Their happiness collapse
They run for shelter
Somewhere inner

Never crying for help,
Feeling so secured in their shell
They express themselves

In what they wear
Saying indirectly
That they don’t care

Following their silent thoughts
Till they erode
Cries, cries from their silent soul…

- by Cold

marți, 10 august 2010


I never asked
For a blessing like you.
Like I've spoken to God
And my wishes came true.
I asked for a person
To love and to hold.
To be loyal and faithful
Not angry and cold.
Every one has a destiny to find,
Looking in your eyes I have found mine.
You're all I ever wanted,
You're all I'll ever need.

- by Cold

Ink of my quill

Softly, she asked, “How much do you love me?”
Can one tell and quantify the air we breathe?
Can one count up the sand one speck at a time?
Can one measure the beat of my heart that seethe?

She was so full of queries and she questioned again,
Of how do I compose an astounding idyllic verse.
Whispering lightheartedly if she enthuses me too,
For her, I’d navigate the path over again I traversed.

Her name is an unwritten mantra inhabiting my heart;
Her voice reverberates and echoes in my recollection;
Jarred together clashed a massive light of reflection.

We declared vows as we breathe our passion each night;
Surrendered our souls to each other never letting go,
Mere thought of her away dreadfully tortures my mind,
Love has made me selfish for my honor to you I bestow.

In all my existence I believed she is the myth I prayed for;
The ink of my quill on a blank parchment that waits,
The writings and blessings of my plume gently scrawls,
A legend amazed me of her gift from one of the greats.

- by Cold


Whenever I look at you
It seems I can see your soul
It's not that I have to stare at you
When I do though, I'm staring with my soul

You never had to be in front of me, to see you
But when you are, your beauty takes control
You see, I can always see you
All of you...I wanted you to know

You have by far the most angelic presence
While you sleep, while you're across the room
While you lie and let me hold you too

I never want say goodbye when the day ends
Then, all I want to do is say hello again
You have looked at me too like this
And it touches my heart to no end

I'm never more happy than when I look at you
Well, maybe when you look back at me
I want you to know I love you too
And for both, I'll do anything

Its amazing for me to see this in your eyes
Yet, its all so very clear
See, God did grab a hold of me
And said "Look, she's your other half".

- by Cold

vineri, 6 august 2010

My ... you

You are the painting that I want to paint.
You are the poetry I want to write.
You are the sculpture that I want to make.
You are the temple I want to design.

Inside me, you are the moon and the stars.
You are the perfect creation of God.
No hell is able to tear us apart.
No paradise can ever reach this good.

You are the perfect portrait of my soul.
You are the words that define who I am.
You are the rock that supports and controls
All the love inside that shadow I plan.

You are the silence of the desert hoods
Where I'm the wizard of the sky above.
The joy of living, the greatest of goods
Is hidden in you, forever my love.

Love's all around, from now until forever,
Keeping the secret of you and me, together...

- by Cold , for that special someone .

joi, 5 august 2010

Angelic Pain

As I look down, below the clouds,
I see the face of the lonely,
If only I could tell them to keep holding on,
Their guardian angel is with thee.

Life slipping from their fingers,
Wishing to tell them it will work out,
Hold the tears and the fears,
I fear that there is doubt.

Reaching out through the clouds,
Trying to keep myself from falling,
Crying out to them,
Don’t they hear my calling?

Eyes filled with tears for those who are lost,
Feeling my fingers slip,
Eyes quickly fill with fear,
I’m falling, scared to death, biting my lip.

There is no one around to help,
Hoping God will save me,
Landing on the ground,
Broken wings, broken halo, what is to be?

Broken wings cannot fly,
Bruises cover my arms,
Broken dreams wishing for strength,
Will they sound the alarms?

Alone on the ground,
The rain begins to pour,
Tears of God or tears of angels,
I really can’t be sure.

Waves crashing on the beach,
Anger and fear,
Rain falling harder and harder,
I let out one last tear.

A fallen angel left alone,
Alone to die,
No one around to save me,
The last breath I let out with a sigh.

- by Cold

luni, 2 august 2010

A shackle

...Hide the lies,
You created with your empty words
Embrace them tenderly
Locked the secrets in the box,
You whispered to the shadows,
Wilt every rose with your dirty hands,
You killed my sanity…
Internal beauty you envy, you
Built the walls where nightmares feed my fears…
Endless pain,
You watched every fragment of corpse is fading into a blaze
Bittersweet kisses,
You’re falling in the arms of asylum
Yet I’m still screaming your name in the darkness...

- by Cold