marți, 10 august 2010


Whenever I look at you
It seems I can see your soul
It's not that I have to stare at you
When I do though, I'm staring with my soul

You never had to be in front of me, to see you
But when you are, your beauty takes control
You see, I can always see you
All of you...I wanted you to know

You have by far the most angelic presence
While you sleep, while you're across the room
While you lie and let me hold you too

I never want say goodbye when the day ends
Then, all I want to do is say hello again
You have looked at me too like this
And it touches my heart to no end

I'm never more happy than when I look at you
Well, maybe when you look back at me
I want you to know I love you too
And for both, I'll do anything

Its amazing for me to see this in your eyes
Yet, its all so very clear
See, God did grab a hold of me
And said "Look, she's your other half".

- by Cold

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