miercuri, 8 septembrie 2010

On My Own

I walked into the darkness willingly
The darkness did not want me
It spat me back out into a world not of my choosing
My future uncertain I reversed course
I hoped to find someone out of my past to help guide me
Each time I was disappointed
Everyone is so wrapped up in their own troubles
Not even a true friend to share with was found
The realization is I am on my own
It is all going to have to be in a New World
There are no known safe harbors ahead
It is all a mystery
And I have to face it on my own
I have to be strong enough
With on one to lean on
I easily admit it is all very very scary to me
I do not even know which direction I should head in
It is all going to be brand new
But the questions remain....
what am I now?
What should I become?
When will I feel safe again?
How long until love can be real?
My door....
The whole world....
One foot in front of the other
The longest journey begins with just one small step
Have I began yet?
Or am I still waiting?

- by Cold

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