marți, 28 septembrie 2010

Beyond here...

I've been drinking on a cocktail
Of disillusion and despair
Since my hopes and dreams
Were left hanging in the air.

Pills of low self-esteem
Are thrown on the nightstand
Next to the bottle of regret
That I keep in hand.

A cigarette half burnt
Eats through the sheets on my bed
While memories of long-lost happiness
Awake and die in my head.

Curtains of denial cover the rest of the world.
Another day of solitude lines up ...
Everything around is dead quiet
But the fights with myself never stop.

Night blends in with the day.
Trapped in a timeless space,
I am hardly alive,
Living with dishonor and in disgrace.

I pour myself another glass,
And let the torture come and pass.

- by Cold

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