duminică, 25 iulie 2010

Tears of shadow

Believe in the darkness
That comes from within
Tap tap tap on my heart
Till it breaks a part
And remember the last time
I was being so shy
When I said you were mine
I almost started to cry
Tears of blackness
From the shadow soul
That lives within the heartless hollows
Soon to be devoured by the cold corpses
Darkness is full
Lightness is soon to be dull
Blood drips from the shadows face
Split in two fly up with its grace
Successors to make a mistake
Failures to be resurrected
Caged inside i want to be set free
I'm done with being neglected
Let me off my leash
Precaution around the fakes
Fall from the down
Evaporate from the ground.

- by Cold

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