sâmbătă, 3 iulie 2010


As i see the lights of my living hell,
darkness calls me in its prism.
Making me face hell myself.. Making me loose blood..
No rules, no faith, just a free world.
A world where I can enjoy each night of my life.
A world where I can die.
A world with no laughter and tears.
No good and evil.
With no hate, nor love.
Full of simplicity and uniqueness.
Getting to know more people makes me forget some I knew.
That's how I keep my world.
It would be troublesome to know everybody.
Always favors, please and go suck hell.
People always care for themselves.
So why should I care for them? Or, it can be you.
It can be all of you.
You laugh when you're happy.
I laugh when I want.
You cry tears, but
I cry blood.
So what's our difference?
What is love?
What is life?
Such stupid questions.
Why do people care so much about them?
Love gains hate. You can't define love without hatred.
And about life? Answer that when you're dead.
No one can live forever.
That's the fact,and is the real fact.
We'll be dead.
Don't call heaven. Gods are dead too.
So what would be our difference?

- by Cold

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