luni, 1 martie 2010

For Alice...

Drifting in a deep, dark, endless slumber, I slowly fall beneath a black blanket of
I float helplessly between the walls of anguish and dishonesty, troubled by the
mistakes of my efforts.
Hopelessly I hang my head to the tune of a tattered heart and tired mind,
snapping my fingers to a beat of none existence, that flows quietly through the
lonely air that I inhale reluctantly.
The light at the top of this distress tunnel is quickly fading away and I have no
desire to reach for it again.
Faith is growing weary and right before I close my eyes and surrender to my own
defeat, hands of a magnificent girl grips me tightly, raises me up and sets me in a
place of pure ecstasy.
The song of my heart soon changes and molds my soul into a loving beat sung
over by a powerful choir.
She unintentionally restores my trust, hope and faith and unaware of her great deed
She continues to smile, a smile that assures me that love really does truly exist.

Behind every shadow shines a light. Thank you for beaming on me.

<|3 nothing ever lasts ... I'm sorry , goodbye.

- by Cold for Alice

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