luni, 29 martie 2010

My mind

This pain I have inside of me, ripping and tearing so viciously
These screams echoing within my head, I'd much rather die instead
Do you not see me or understand
Beckoning you forward to take my hand
Follow me and you will see, the fear and anger quickly consuming me
Pulling my hair, pulling my clothes
I fear not death and all of it's woes
Left behind is a trail of lies
A kind of presence that never dies
Inevitable death to those who seek
Comes on swift wings, no time to think
Banging my head against the wall
Who is it that I wish to enthrall
The world? My kind?
Pain is all that I find
No time to rewind yet caught inside my own mind
Cannot gain lost time, sends shivers up my spine
You've heard my tale, now you'll see
My mind is a maze
A solution to which there can never be

- by Cold

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