marți, 23 martie 2010


Faster than one-thousand, razor edged blades...
Overwhelming relief floods and purges through my veins, colder than the blood of a snake.

A smile that changes...everlasting existence.
Through a watery grave of tears.
A deeper weakness buried beneath my strength,
and leaving me with nothing to fear.

Survival, redemption, forgiveness and hate.
the past, though consuming,will soon dissipate.
The dark shadows of doubt, reminders of the evil that was good, pushed under a tidal wave the way that they should.

As I cast you away, I pull you in with seduction.
My eyes now empty, cut you to size, a noticeable reduction. I hear you and feel your pain, yet I have no remorse, as you drown in the sorrows of your rain.

I am to be remembered. Try to forget me, from your memory, erase my name. It's my face that will haunt you and you shall never be the same.

- by Cold

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