luni, 29 martie 2010

Fake and True

Bleeding thoughts,
broken words,
dreams are smashed,
I fake a smile pretend it doesn't hurt.
I fake a laugh,
I shed a tear,
I wish I had someone near.
I hide the cuts on my wrists
where I cut deep to bleed out my pain.
I fake a smile, glued on my face so no-one can see my shame.
All day I wonder how it would feel to be dead,
would it be better than these racing thoughts going through my head?
People think I'm happy, and that I love life.
They're so wrong.
I can't handle another night, I can't fight another fight, I can't survive another day.
I cry myself to sleep
I feel like I'm wearing a disguise
everything hurts,
nothing comforts,
the days are long,
I wish for some words,
some encouragement,
some happiness,
someone to say "I love you"
and that i'm worth something.
I don't know what keeps me going,
but deep inside something does,
I'm holding on as long as I can.

- by Cold

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