miercuri, 17 februarie 2010

The darkness falls

Today, the darkness falls, the clouds cover the land,
A soft drizzle falls to the ground, damp and chilled,
Echoing the misery within myself, pulling the tears from me,
And they fall like the drizzling rain, soft and silent.

Walking amongst the rain, its chill touching my flesh,
Drenching my clothes, hair, and soul,
Echoing the silent sorrow I keep inside,
Too frightened to speak, to let it go.

Knowing I stand before a wall,
Beating it with bare fist,
My hands bloody, my soul tired,
Unable to escape the chains.

Today, the darkness falls, the clouds cover the land,
They spiral around me, pulling me into the darkness,
Leaving me alone, hollow and empty,
Knowing there exist no escape for me.

Walking amongst the darkness, feeling at home,
Understanding the darkness, the misery,
Knowing it’s always been, always walked beside me,
Accepting it, holding it close to home.

The waves wash over me
Like the ocean licking the shores
Washing away my tears, my sorrow,
Hiding it deeper and deeper inside.

Today, the darkness falls, thick and heavy,
Trapping me in a cage, leaving me isolated,
And I know that I am truly lost this time,
Lost without an anchor, without an escape.

Can’t escape the waves of sadness
Can’t escape the waves of fear
Can’t escape the waves of torment
Can’t escape the waves of doom.

Today, the darkness falls, consuming me,
Drowning me, trapping me in its darkness,
Keeping me lost, chained to these thoughts,
Thoughts of despair and gloom.

- by Cold

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