miercuri, 3 februarie 2010

Alone Again

Can you help me through this darkness?
Because I can't see the light,
Just a past of broken dreams
As I struggle through the night.
And the days are getting shorter,
And the nights just seem so long,
Too many hours, just too much time,
To ponder what went wrong.

The day you left still lingers,
I can't believe you've gone.
I thought we'd be forever,
I thought you were "the one".
I long to hear your laughter,
To see your face again,
You won't be coming back now,
And I must face my pain.

I know I must move on now,
To greet the breaking dawn,
But how to stop myself from hurting?
To repair my heart that's torn?
I'd reach out to the sunlight,
If you'd just lead me there,
And help me to believe
That there is someone who would care.


February is the month that has marked my life for ever.
I was born on 13th February I'm under the cursed sign of 13th , so this leads to bad luck... I'm always trying to think that 13th brings me luck ... but sometimes it doesn't , my soul is there to be cursed until I shall no longer breathe.

- by Cold

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