joi, 15 ianuarie 2009

Deep Sleep

I close my eyes,
Trying to forget the moments we had
I try to burn them in flames
But I am to afraid to lose them
I want to let you go of my heart
But I can’t I am to weak on you!
Some times I wish I can fly far away from your cold heart
So far away to don’t hear you how you screaming in fire and begging me to wake you up from the nightmares
In your eyes I can see nothing but lies and fear
Fear to telling me our love is death for us
Every time when I want to touch your heart I feel emptiness
So my love,
Pretend that you still belong to my heart
Don’t leave me alone
Just stay here with me
Lay down next to me to watch our fallen stars
let me fall into your arms
and never wake up again
let me kiss your poison lips
and I will dye with my loneliness forever
let me touch your skin
and I will burning forever
cause I want to have you in my memories
leaving me all alone in dark
dying so slowly with my loneliness
Still I have the pain that you locket in my innocent heart
Still won’t fade away
I close my eyes
Trying to forget the tears we shad together and share them
In my dreams I saw you bleeding
And calling loud my name
To save you from the darkness
I try to run away from your pain
So far away to don’t see your tears of sorrow

-by Cold

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