joi, 29 ianuarie 2009

Silent Wish

In dark chamber I am singing my revenge
No one will save me from this madness
In depth cold night I am falling in love with shadows
Enjoying the whisper of wind
I am dancing on moonlight all alone
Death is embracing me tender
The romance is bleeding inside of bliss
In your arms I am ready to be your sacrifice
It’s where I belong
Coming closer to your heart
I will cut your entire throb, little by little
I will taste all your sins
Don’t weep my demons, hide under my venom wings
The only place for escaping
The only place for hearing your screaming
Killing your sanity without sound, my silent wish is desiring for more
Your pain is crawling in your grief
You’re so beautiful with fears
The more you drowning in my revenge, the more my silent wish will touch your rage
I kiss every wound on your bloody skin
Every wound has been wept for salvation
But you know it won’t save you from nightmares I locked you
I hide the spell under my dreams
Your last breath on my pale skin is begging for liberty

Keep whispering my name
I want you to remember my sorrow
Keep blaming me
I want you to feel my rage
Keep weeping for me
I want you to be blind by torment
Keep screaming
I want you to bleed in my pain
And to feel my agony
Keep feeling my silent wish
I will not tell you my secrets.
Cause I know you’ll sing to the angels to save you from the dark, and set you free
No, my little one, you’re in my arms
Sleep my demon
Sleep for eternity
The eternal silent wish won’t forsaken you

-by Cold

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