joi, 15 ianuarie 2009

Lost in the world

Am I still dreaming?
I hear the lost voices
Trying to wake me from the deep sleep
But I refuse them
I just close my eyes and hold my last breath
And hopping to death come to me
To take me away from this cruel world
It’s the only way I can find my peace in my heart
Every time when I close my eyes
I see nothing but blood around me
And my fallen angel is dying in my arms
I am frozen inside myself and trying to escape from this madness
Hiding in shadows to never see the Sun again
The only saltiness I can feel it’s in darkness embrace
And he left the pain to leave me the scar in my innocent heart
My lonely soul is walking through endless path
Trying to find the light of freedom
But there’s no sign
Every time when I am looking in the stars
Still remembering in the midnight when we watched together our fallen stars
Telling them secrets of our love
And still they are up,
Hopping we’ll be together with open arms
But our love was nothing but illusion
There’s no turning back
And we are lost in the world
To lost that we can’t find our happiness
Here we are my love, again
Standing all alone just you and me
Waiting to shadows take our love
And burning in flames forever
To never feel the pleasure that we always had in our hearts
Am I still dreaming?
Long lost voices slowly whispering in my lost dreams
Trying so hard to wake me from the endless nightmares
But I still refuse them,
I just let the pain to leaving me the scar inside of my broken heart
And slowly closing my eyes and holding my last breath
Hopping to angel come to me
To embrace me and disappear so far away in this lost world
To never see the sorrow who is haunting me in my dreams
I am to lost in this world
To lost, can’t find my light to bright me up my way to home
I am falling so deep to feel my emptiness in my soul
feeling the flame the touch of grace down on my spine
shading this tears for burning in my dreams
I am to lost in this world can’t wake up from this nightmares
I am falling so deep to touch the darkness black heart
To lost in the world
Wishing to open the wings and flying so far away to never see my uncured pain
To long I have been hiding in shadows to never see my light
Years I have been hunting my happiness
But there’s no happiness
No freedom to heal my heart
Just the sorrow and pain who is so painful
To lost in the world.

-by Cold

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