vineri, 13 martie 2009

The Life [Parts I - IV]


The night.
It’s beautiful.
There’s nothing that could only be half as beautiful as the night.
The stars are shining.
The full moon above me.
Why does the night pass by?
Why couldn’t it last forever?
The night is the time of the memories.
It’s the time of the lovers
and the time of the lonesome.
It could be the time of rest,
the time of sleep.
But isn’t it too beautiful to stay at home and sleep?
The night is magic.
I can’t stay at home
when it’s dark outside.
The night is the time of mysteries,
the time of demons,
of vampires.
But the darkness of the night isn’t dangerous.
It’s peace in it, safety.
It covers the guilty and the haunted.
It’s merciful.
The time when I forget about day.
About all its problems,
its sorrows.
The time when I’m happy.
The time when I’m sad.
The night is everything for me.
It’s all that counts.
Nothing is as beautiful as the night.
I wish it would never end.
Just everlasting,
lasting for eternity...

The sun rises.
It’s beautiful.
But it brings the light.
The merciless light.
Showing everything.
Fighting back the night
until there are only some shadows
telling about the beauty of the night.
Of the merciful darkness.
Too glaring.
So cruel.
It’s warm but...
It could never be as warm
as the night is beautiful.
It’s hot and it’s light.
I’m thinking of the night.
Its coolness and its darkness.
And again it’s killing my soul.
The hectic of the day
makes me crazy.
I’m longing for the peace,
the peace the night will bring.
Hectic and noisy,
that’s the day.
Too many people
running around,
busy with nothing,
unimportant stuff.
Memories of the night...
It’ll come again...
It’ll bring peace and rest.
It’ll make you forgetting...
about sorrows and fear and problems.
But it’s far away...
The day...
Too glaring...

And again there’s the night.
The merciful night.
I want to stay here forever.
Keep the light away.
Forever night.
Forever safety.
No fears.
No sorrows.
I want to live forever.
I don’t want to die.
Redeem me.
Take me with you.
Make me one of yours.
Make me a creature of the night.
The beautiful night...
I’ll miss the day...
but the night caught me.
Nothing will ever be as beautiful
as the night.
When will they realize?
The day is the time of hiding.
The night’s the time to live.
The beauty of the night...
I can’t live without it.
I will leave the day
if I can have the night,
if I can live forever.
Melancholic night...
When will I get it?
Will I?
Only one minute...
A short pain redeeming from an everlasting.
Goodbye day!
Hello everlasting night!
Bite me!
A vampire is born...

And again.
The light fought back the darkness.
Silent darkness...
It fought back the fog.
Merciful fog covering earth.
Protecting from the light.
Glaring light.
Too glaring.
Sun lighting the vampire.
Sun lighting me
as it once burned my soul.
Where to go?
Merciful darkness.
Hiding shadows.
Protecting me from light.
From sunlight.
Sunrays touching me.
And again pains...
A place to pass the day.
Keeping my death away.
Passing time.
Finally the sun sets.
The night’s coming.
Beautiful night.
Merciful night.
Poor little vampire.
Had to say goodbye to the day.
Only the night for living.
But uncountable nights...

- by Cold

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