vineri, 27 martie 2009

Conceal our Emptiness

Naked soul lies on cold ground
With the broken wings
Endless tears are weeping from her face
Slowly she is falling into deep sleep
‘I am coming closer to the death’ she whispers

One sweet day I’ll let your heart falls in filth
One sweet day I will let the shadows silently kill you
Every step you’ll see the joy in their eyes

Once you showed me my death
Now I will show yours
In your hands you hold my last breath
Does it feel so good to feed your rage?

Is the torment the only salvation for my sins?
Are the scars good enough to show my grief?

Ray of the light is slowly fading away
We are alone in realm of the darkness
My screams are turning deaf to the blind walls
The angels from the sky are watching me dying
They scent my last breath
My last struggle
Yet they let you hate lingering through your veins….
How does it feel to kill own child?

Seduced by your innocent smile
Crucify myself into dust
No taint left in air

The clouds are crying for us
The skies are turning into crimson
Our love is dead
There’s no spell to reborn our bliss
We are deadly sins to our hearts
And so our angles….

-by Cold

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