marți, 22 septembrie 2009

My Pain

My heart is in total misery.
It is my love who gave this pain to me.
She told me she loved me, but is it true?
Or was it all a lie through and through?

My heart aches in unbearable pain.
It is filled with a raging storm and a painful rain.
Did she tell me only what I wanted to hear?
Is her love for me dying at a time that is near?

Oh, why torture me, what have I done?
If pain you were fighting for, your battle is won.
Oh God, your help I request.
I gave my all to her, I gave my best.

Please Merciful Father, take away my pain.
Bring her back into my arms with happiness again.
If you must, make it my last dying plea.
Love in her eyes I once again want to see.

Before God I swear this creed.
If I stop loving her, to death may I bleed.
Why treat me this way, oh God I must know.
But every time I ask, she shakes her head, no.

God, please remove this unbearable pain.
Take away this raging storm and this painful rain.

- by Cold

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