miercuri, 23 septembrie 2009

Didn't they mean anything ?

As I stare at you when you stroll by
I get this instant replay of us together
How I used to intend that we were perfect
And that we would last forever
But then I blink and realize that that was the past
And now I have to survive the future
Survive it without you
I'm not sure if I can accept all this gruesome pain
That keeps tearing me up inside
I can't control it
It's taking over me

I'm starting to cry
And wishing everything would vanish
Gone away from me
So far, I can't abuse anything with my fury

Even though I was hurt shouldn't I return the pain?
Those unforgettable memories we had together,
Didn't they mean anything to you?
Those times I said "I Love You,"
Didn't they mean anything to you?

I feel like I've been deceived in a lying game...
A lying game where I thought my teammate
Was revealing me the truth
When all they're doing is uttering lies, lies, and more lies

And in the end they become my opponent, my enemy
And I can't trust them again
But, all those memories meant so much to me
Didn't they mean anything to you?

- by Cold

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