miercuri, 9 septembrie 2009

Can't be forgotten

How can I still love you
When you caused me so much pain
Why do I miss you
When you hurt me so bad
Why is my heart still a slave to you
Why do I believe you
When you lie directly to my face
Why can't I forget
Everything about you
I can't get you out of my head
Everything you said
I can still taste
Your delicious kisses
I feel Your heart
Beating inside of me
I can not tear all those memories
I can not get them out of my head
I could never forget
All those precious days
All those hours that we spent together
I won't forget
All those moments that you held me
Held me tight between your arms
Everything seemed to stop
I miss that
How can I still love you
When you are the reason for my pain
I hate missing you
I want to forget you
But I can't
I need your warm body
Next to mine
I want to stare
Into your dazzling eyes
those eyes that hypnotize me
I still love you
No matter what happens
It doesn't matter
How much time passes
I will always be blinded
By your icy blue eyes
Always by your side
Always trusting your every word
Never doubting one single moment
And never forgetting
All those wonderful and precious memories
I believe some people
Just can't never be forgotten
Sadly for me
You are one of them

- by Cold

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