joi, 4 iunie 2009


Living in a cradle not fit for my dreams
This life is not easy as it seams
Surrounded by feelings
That darken my day
Hearing people cry on the way
Tears on my face that melt the pain
Blinding my eyes with the heavy rain
Hoping for a single sign from him
Knowing my life was never so dim
Waiting for sparkles in your eyes
Longing for smiles to recognize
You never pranced with the falling leaves
Nor sung the hymn of the buzzing bees
Fighting the fears led by the storm
Deliver myself from your heart's thorn
Lighten your way with my desire
Save your hate before you hit the fire
Permit yourselves to kiss the rain
Soar about and dream again
It's never too late for the stars to shine
Believe and you shall have the time
Forever should you have to wait
Stay beside and don't lose faith
Blessed he who lives in you
Believe and you will make it through

- by Cold

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