marți, 16 iunie 2009


I can't control myself anymore
My body is controlling me
I am giving in, my soul is leaking
I can't break free, I am bleeding
No place to go
Locked inside, can't get out
Someone please help me
No one to go to
No one to talk to
Everyone is ignoring me

Why must I feel so alone
I need someone, to relieve me
Break me free, of my misery
Calling for angels, to release me
No where in sight
Guess they don't care about me

Darkness is overcoming me
No where to run, and no place to hide
Must let the darkness crawl all over me
The pain inside is surfacing
Beware I might explode
It is too much to hold

The devil is haunting me
Guiding me to hell
And I am following in a trance
Can't break free
Why all these curses
No luck falling on me
I can take no more
I am on my knees
Kneeling on the floor

- by Cold

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