marți, 12 mai 2009

Pain's never ending choice

All the while sitting and thinking
How how could I possibly do it
Without truly knowing how she felt.

Could I risk the thought
Of having my heart ripped from my chest
Again left out for all to see
Could I take the pain of another loss.

Too much grief has passed through
Only to come back to cripple me
At a time when I was believed to succeed.

Memories of the pain run rampant
In that part of my soul which has been
Sealed off from all others
Locked away and never to be shown again
Out of fear that which has scarred me so deep.

Locked away and left to dwell
On that which will never seem to happen
Trapped within the chaotic reaches of my mind.

Trying, trying to sort out where I went wrong
Seeming always to blame self heart and soul
For all the pain which has been brought about.

Sealed away and kept from anything
That might bring back the old pain
Or release a new one
Upon a heart that was left
Black and cold with a soul
Always remaining but never seen.

Mind, body, soul,
Heart and self, left to
Fend off the never ending demons
That came from long ago.

- by Cold

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