marți, 12 mai 2009

The Ugliness After Love

The jokes have turned dull,
The laughter into cries,
The giggles of joy into screams of pain,
The patience of love into impatience of hatred
The kindness into sinful objectives
The smiles of happiness into the frowns of depression
The gentle kisses into harmful words of dishonesty
The joyful moments into painful memories
The amazing thoughts into harmful words
The inner-beauty into ugliness
The rhythmic taps of the keyboard into harmful beatings of the drum
The tasteful dreams into awful nightmares
The joys of happiness into the cries of depression
The hopes of more time with others into the needs of being alone
The friendliness into anger, the obsession into threats
The bravery and courage into shyness and uncertainty
The dances into fights, the ups into downs
The hugs and kisses into kicks and punches
The caring into hating
The 'I love you's into silence

- by Cold

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