duminică, 3 mai 2009

The Reality

Reality can sometimes be
A hard pill to swallow.
Not really wanting to see
How inside you feel so hollow.

When you first find love,
It's so great and close to perfect.
It's all you need and think of,
As two hearts join to connect.

It's as if a fairy, waving her wand,
Cast a spell all upon you.
So very magical and beyond,
Without a thing you can do.

How it grabs a hold of you,
Leaving you with no power.
Not having the slightest clue
How this "love" turned so sour.

All my hopes vanish into thin air,
Squashing me like a tiny bug.
The connection just wasn't there,
Like a cord without a plug.

But I continue to hang on,
Hoping we can get it all back.
Praying that it's not ALL gone,
Some way to get it on track.

I continue, sadly taking it all,
Because of all the time we spent.
Sticking in me like a voo-doo doll,
A thousand needles; I feel the torment.

I knew one day we'd see
Our regrets from the past,
How they came to be,
And will continue to last.

Though, I tried my hardest to fix,
Like words that remain unspoken.
Crashing down like a ton of bricks,
Remaining forever to be broken.

- by Cold

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