vineri, 7 august 2009

Poet's Sin

Oh well , this look's like a pretty good month for me, I think it is the Gothic music that inspires me.

Wrath is my inspiration
Your blood is my sin that send tears you shad alone
I'll taste each of your drop
your drop is my life

My mistress of the night
I know
My words aren’t good enough
For your stars to sing for salvation
My poems are dead just like my heart

Save me from myself
I am lost in own imaginary world
I built it long ago
Set me free from the lunatic

Under the moonlight shadow
I cry in the deep silence
My weep turns into the scream
Deaf night thrones over me
Surrender already to the emptiness
I let it devour my soul
My fall is greed for the darkness

Angels are crying upon my fate
Impious are dancing in the circle of fear
Born again in vain

The drip of anguish I shad
Drink my drop from my blinded eyes
And I will fall from my grace
The sin will embraces me tenderly

I’m a Poet , sinner
I write the vapor words
Within the solitude
I sing the laments to melt
The beauty of the darkness
I sleep beneath the wane
My howl is deaf to the world
I uselessly dream
There’s no blaze to delight my path
Alone in the dark
Shadows on the wall
Will gain my soul

Privacy blinded me
every day looking for shooting in darkness
Star To me clarify my end
forever imprisoned in the fear of
pain is spreading to my veined
wrongdoing in government
Going astray alone through endless path
narcotic night my heart and howls in the dark

- by Cold

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