marți, 22 decembrie 2009

A heart breaks easier alone

A heart breaks easier alone
When no one sees you crying
When no one notices at all
That inside you are dying

A heart breaks easier alone
When they all think you're crazy
That when you crawl back in your bed
The whole world thinks you're lazy

A heart breaks easier alone
And there's no way to mend it
To stop the heart from breaking more
You simply have to end it

A heart breaks easier alone
Without a love to heal it
And finally the breaking's done
When you no longer feel it

- by Cold

marți, 1 decembrie 2009

You're Gone

Screaming to be free
Detesting all of me
Wishing you were here
Drowning in my fears
Crying to be whole
Loathing your new goals
Fighting to survive
Longing to feel alive
Struggling with this fate
Trying not to hate
Smothering all this pain
Explosive once again
Combating this new plot
Hoping I'll get caught
Probing feelings naught
Tasting hateful lots
Pleading for your help
Banish hurtful yelps
Dejecting the unknown
I'm tired of being alone

- by Cold


I have isolated into my own world,
With delusional thoughts of ever lasting love.
My spirit has descended into a hole,
Where mystical dreams are of no reality.
Beliefs are lost in honesty of words,
A faith that can only be earned.
Memories become a fantasy of the mind,
To a soul that needs be found.
Hope has become a vision of wonder,
As life drowns in pools of tears.
Hearts will beat for only moments in time,
When feelings seem to no longer exist.

- by Cold

duminică, 29 noiembrie 2009


We look at each other and all we see is suffering.
Our souls have grown weary and our hearts have gone sad.
The coldness shivers down our spines,
And silent screams are unheard.
The pain is no longer just inside,
It is everywhere.
Some of us have lost the will to live…
And we get weaker everyday.
There is no longer any strength and the scent of death, is in the air.
Our innocence has vanished into the light,
Where eternal happiness is promise.
I walk up the stairway to heaven above the clouds
The end has come and we are all together again and our nightmare has pasted.

- by Cold

miercuri, 25 noiembrie 2009


The lights flick off and dark envelopes
My mind, my body, my soul, my spirit
I can't see anyone or anything anymore
I think I’m alone
Can thoughts persuade my mind that easily?
It’s so dark in here
I reach out and feel nothing
My senses are smothered by I don't know what
This dark plays tricks on my body
My soul keeps screaming for freedom, for light
My thoughts are elsewhere and I ignore my being
I ignore myself
Why is it so dark in here?
I wish there was light, if maybe just a candle's worth
The dark makes me afraid
My spirit trembles in the face of fear
Brought on by the darkness that feeds off our endless doubts
It's never satisfied; my spirit is gone in a second
Was it good?
Why is it so dark in here?!
My own shadow, self portrait, vanished with hope
Gone with the world
With my world
Maybe it's better my shadow is gone
I can be myself
For who?
Maybe I'll befriend the dark
It made the world disappear
Isn't that what I've always wanted?
It's so dark in here.

- by Cold

joi, 5 noiembrie 2009


I'm but a lone wayfarer, traveling
In a bitterness-driven world of woe.
All is chaos, confusion – the roar...
I fall upon my knees as I sit, listening
To that roar of life, clashing at death
I linger at this forgotten bed
And feel the cold rain dripping in my skin,
And my soul struggling within...

In my mouth the word of your name fades
And my figure is lost in these growing shades
I blend in this hall of mosses,
As I mourn all of our losses -
our dear friend, love, so long gone!
And I remain here, and you not, I'm alone.
I wrap myself, as I lie upon your grave
I hold myself, I do try to brave.

I wish I could rest here, and in my arms hold you
But this lost bed empty remains...
only a trace, a glimpse of you.
I must wake, and strive, another step
Come out again, face another thousand rains
My eyes, once so dry, can dry no more
But I can no longer speak, my voice is sore

Of mumbling again and again your worshiped name.

 - by Cold

joi, 29 octombrie 2009

My Ghost

Ill-timed leaves crumble beneath my feet
The warm breeze tickling my bare back
I feel you there enveloping my vacant core
Lost am I since your untimely passing
I am left to love your immortal ghost

Wishing gentle touch still lingered there
Once calming my trembling soul
Bottomless blue eyes and kind spirited smile
Still impressing upon my embittered heart
My ghost still beautiful and loving me

Sitting on the edge of insanity I see you there
Clouding my dreams of what is real and not
Unbearable hurt sneaking up to conquer me
Past slipping beneath me as I try to hold on
Piercing my spirit is loss to another world

Trying hard to seize your soothing words
Long ago spoken softly in my ear
Spiraling without direction I need them now
Fires ablaze within the deep chasm engulf me
You are out of reach no longer my savior

Dark and perilous are my poisoned secrets
Held close and tightly to your warm chest
Promises of never abandoning broken
Early to the grave you fell carrying my pain
Our shattered pieces falling to the earth

My ghost she eludes me as I reach for her
Touch of her hand is wind blowing through
Voice grows fainter as brutal days pass
How I long to be one with her in his world
This love is killing me

- by Cold

marți, 13 octombrie 2009

Dance into my heart

Brighter than a sunbeam
more happy than a smile
sweeter than golden honey
dance into my heart.

A sparkle of clear air
the mist of rose perfume
an angel from above
dance into my heart.

A furious flame of wonder
that sets my hope on fire
you're perfect in my eyes
dance into my heart.

There are footprints on my mind
you walk there everyday
be with me forever
dance into my heart.

- by Cold

sâmbătă, 3 octombrie 2009

She left me

Sorrow fills my body,
tears fill my eyes.
I can still hear her laughter,
I remember stopping her cries.

No longer with me,
I feel alone and scared.
Pushed aside and forgotten,
I feel the heart that she teared.

Holding back sadness
inside me is like death.
Take away now my tortured soul,
and give me eternal rest.

I want to hold her again,
smell her hair of roses so young.
I really miss her,
and how her eyes shown like the sun.

Who else could I love,
except only one.
She left me,
my love life is done.

- by Cold

marți, 29 septembrie 2009

Not easy

You want me to act like what happened was nothing
I’ll try, but to me it was something
That night was the night
I knew everything was just right
It was you and me
Two people brought together, meant to be
I knew I had never loved someone so much
Someone I couldn’t stand not to touch
The kisses we shared were, oh so sweet
So soft, but with so much heat
These feelings I have, I’ve never felt
The way you look at me, my body just melts
That’s why, the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, was watch you walk away
You left me with tears in my eyes, and a wish that everything would be okay

- by Cold

sâmbătă, 26 septembrie 2009

All but true

Scattered dust of a shattered mind,
Of lost loves and broken hearts.
Decayed words of hope and promise,
Lost forever in the wind of Eternity.
And the broken heart,
In the scarred chest of never healing sadness.
First kiss, first embrace,
Imprinted forever in the worldwind of once forgotten memories.
And while one remembers a once known happiness,
It fades, now far away and untouchable
Sinking swiftly into the unknown darkness.
Its waves strong as the ocean,
And its depth, deep as the mind,
Banished forever in the lights of sanity,
Occasionally blinking with a hint of unforgiving forgivness.

- by Cold

vineri, 25 septembrie 2009


I feel torn up.
And I'm so broken.
There's so much to say,
And so little that's been spoken.

I hate the state I'm in,
I feel like dying.
There's so much pain,
I want to start crying.

Now I can't help it,
I'm shedding tears.
I wish I were with you,
But there's so much that I fear.

I can't believe what you're telling me!
Why are you doing this?
I'm sorry for what I've said.
I want your love and just a sweet kiss.

Please don't do what you say you might.
It hurts too much, I can't take it.
My heart feels like crumbling,
If you do this, I might not make it.

You're not a mistake,
You know that's true.
If you really were,
Your friends wouldn't love you.

I'm trying to help and make this all better.
If you don't think I understand, then help me to.
Please take me in and hold me close.
I'm doing this because I love you!

Just make this pain stop,
Just take it all away.
I need you in my life,
And that's all I can say.

- by Cold


I'm sitting in the darkness of the night
Thinking of you, holding me tight
The dark crimson skies
Just match the heavens
Like the stars in your eyes
Stars sometimes shoot and sparkle
Just like your eyes, when you smile
You are the stars in my world
You sparkle bright
Through the cold and lonely night
You change my world, you keep it right
Bring a sense of joy and peace
But like the stars, you leave
And ever since, my sky's been cloudy

- by Cold

joi, 24 septembrie 2009

Time Will Tell

I feel so empty now
So incomplete inside
I don't know how it came to this
I cannot run and hide
I told you that I loved you
You told me you did too
Now we split and I can see
That your end wasn't true
You tore me apart inside
This you know too well
You use it against me everyday
I hope you burn in hell
No matter what you do
You cannot break my spirit
All I know is my heart screams
And nobody can hear it
And with this I will close
This chapter in my life
You always were my everything
Now I end my pain and strife

- by Cold

miercuri, 23 septembrie 2009

Always when you go away

Always when you go away,
When you go into the unknown,
You leave me forlorn midway,
Listening out for the echo

Of the words you never said,
And promises you never gave.
No answer – dead silence instead.
No way to take – like a slave

Of dreams never coming true,
Of fear for the lonely day,
Of my heart weeping for you
Always when you go away…

- by Cold

Simple Dreams

Simple dreams lost in seasons past
Dying colours that weren't meant to last
A love that died over many years
And all hope lost after many tears.

An angel I once had to hold my hand
The traces are left where we sat in the sand
Twilight love spent under the moon
And a hearts fading fast, it's all come too soon.

Take the love I gave you years ago
Throw it away, hide it under the snow
A promise was made that was meant to last
Simple dreams lost in seasons past.

- by Cold

Didn't they mean anything ?

As I stare at you when you stroll by
I get this instant replay of us together
How I used to intend that we were perfect
And that we would last forever
But then I blink and realize that that was the past
And now I have to survive the future
Survive it without you
I'm not sure if I can accept all this gruesome pain
That keeps tearing me up inside
I can't control it
It's taking over me

I'm starting to cry
And wishing everything would vanish
Gone away from me
So far, I can't abuse anything with my fury

Even though I was hurt shouldn't I return the pain?
Those unforgettable memories we had together,
Didn't they mean anything to you?
Those times I said "I Love You,"
Didn't they mean anything to you?

I feel like I've been deceived in a lying game...
A lying game where I thought my teammate
Was revealing me the truth
When all they're doing is uttering lies, lies, and more lies

And in the end they become my opponent, my enemy
And I can't trust them again
But, all those memories meant so much to me
Didn't they mean anything to you?

- by Cold

marți, 22 septembrie 2009

My Pain

My heart is in total misery.
It is my love who gave this pain to me.
She told me she loved me, but is it true?
Or was it all a lie through and through?

My heart aches in unbearable pain.
It is filled with a raging storm and a painful rain.
Did she tell me only what I wanted to hear?
Is her love for me dying at a time that is near?

Oh, why torture me, what have I done?
If pain you were fighting for, your battle is won.
Oh God, your help I request.
I gave my all to her, I gave my best.

Please Merciful Father, take away my pain.
Bring her back into my arms with happiness again.
If you must, make it my last dying plea.
Love in her eyes I once again want to see.

Before God I swear this creed.
If I stop loving her, to death may I bleed.
Why treat me this way, oh God I must know.
But every time I ask, she shakes her head, no.

God, please remove this unbearable pain.
Take away this raging storm and this painful rain.

- by Cold

luni, 21 septembrie 2009

The Last Time

The night is dark,
The stars in the sky shine,
When we meet together,
For the last time!

There is no one around,
Just you and me,
And the heavens above,
Stretching as far as you can see!

You come close to me,
I hold you to my heart,
Wanting to savor the moment,
Till death do us apart!

I may never see you again,
The realization dawns on me,
My love for you is endless,
An emotion full of sanctity!

I wish you would never go,
With my soul torn and bleeding,
My heart already wrenched apart,
Anticipating a life without a meaning!

I kiss you one last time,
The heaven and earth merge,
Time stops around us,
An eon escapes in a surge!

There are tears in your eyes,
That burn through my soul,
But I smile to bid adieu,
Disguising my impulse to never let you go!

You leave me standing there,
Never turning back,
My dreams tattered in pieces,
My world goes black!

I try to leave the place,
An agonizing tear escapes my eye,
The sorrow of parting with you causes,
My heart to beat for the last time!

- by Cold

Scared to love you

You say you love me
But I am scared
You say you'll never hurt me
But I'm still scared
I'm scared to love you
Because I am afraid to lose you
I'm scared to love you
Because that's really hard for me to do
I'm scared to love you
But guess what? (I DO!)
Because even though I'm scared to love you
I love taking chances too!

- by Cold

miercuri, 9 septembrie 2009

Can't be forgotten

How can I still love you
When you caused me so much pain
Why do I miss you
When you hurt me so bad
Why is my heart still a slave to you
Why do I believe you
When you lie directly to my face
Why can't I forget
Everything about you
I can't get you out of my head
Everything you said
I can still taste
Your delicious kisses
I feel Your heart
Beating inside of me
I can not tear all those memories
I can not get them out of my head
I could never forget
All those precious days
All those hours that we spent together
I won't forget
All those moments that you held me
Held me tight between your arms
Everything seemed to stop
I miss that
How can I still love you
When you are the reason for my pain
I hate missing you
I want to forget you
But I can't
I need your warm body
Next to mine
I want to stare
Into your dazzling eyes
those eyes that hypnotize me
I still love you
No matter what happens
It doesn't matter
How much time passes
I will always be blinded
By your icy blue eyes
Always by your side
Always trusting your every word
Never doubting one single moment
And never forgetting
All those wonderful and precious memories
I believe some people
Just can't never be forgotten
Sadly for me
You are one of them

- by Cold

Words Unspoken

As I wander down the street,
My mind is troubled with what
I seek.

The rain starts falling,
The road gets wet,
I am wandering with thoughts of regret.

My head is aching,
My heart is broken
And the words
Are left unspoken.

Do I forget,
Or do I act?
Maybe I'm afraid,
Of the way you'd react.

How you'd respond?
Would you break this bond?

Now I'm here
And I know that you're near,
Waiting to hear,
The words unspoken.

- by Cold

duminică, 6 septembrie 2009

My love

Like a flower that fell from the sky
Swirling under the shimmering sun
Gently and slowly, probed by the wind
You descended.

Like the flash of lightning
and the speed of a supersonic airline,
Like the shooting star
You appeared.

Like a white dove with silver wings
Capturing my sweet imagination,
Fascinating my being
You perched on my hand.

Oh what an awesome feeling it was!
My soul radiated with unfounded illumination!
when you felt at home in my palms...
You accepted me.

Your angelic radiance evokes joy deep within my spirit.
When I close my eyes,
I am fulfilled when I know;
You are with me

marți, 25 august 2009


Where have you gone my little sunshine ?
You left in a hurry without giving my heart back
Not even looking back ,
I always told you how much I love you
And I hope you will see
That I'm different than them
I will never hurt you and let you fall.
Hey I can still smell your perfume
And your whispers like a fine tune
Your face was shining like a moon
And your blond hair as the morning colour.

marți, 18 august 2009


The taste of your lips
still lingers in my mouth,
the rhythm of your heart beat
still pulses beneath my palm,
the aroma of your hair
still veils my face;

But everything is an illusion,
all I feel now is just an echo,
which could cause me nothing but confusion
and it is more than I could bear.

Why do you think I walked away?
Why do you think I turned my back?
I just wanted to show you I`m not a prey
that would fill anything you lack.

Oh,yes,I loved you immensely,
but things just change, you know what people say,
and no matter how hard you try to make me
I would never step out of my way.

- by Cold

vineri, 7 august 2009

Poet's Sin

Oh well , this look's like a pretty good month for me, I think it is the Gothic music that inspires me.

Wrath is my inspiration
Your blood is my sin that send tears you shad alone
I'll taste each of your drop
your drop is my life

My mistress of the night
I know
My words aren’t good enough
For your stars to sing for salvation
My poems are dead just like my heart

Save me from myself
I am lost in own imaginary world
I built it long ago
Set me free from the lunatic

Under the moonlight shadow
I cry in the deep silence
My weep turns into the scream
Deaf night thrones over me
Surrender already to the emptiness
I let it devour my soul
My fall is greed for the darkness

Angels are crying upon my fate
Impious are dancing in the circle of fear
Born again in vain

The drip of anguish I shad
Drink my drop from my blinded eyes
And I will fall from my grace
The sin will embraces me tenderly

I’m a Poet , sinner
I write the vapor words
Within the solitude
I sing the laments to melt
The beauty of the darkness
I sleep beneath the wane
My howl is deaf to the world
I uselessly dream
There’s no blaze to delight my path
Alone in the dark
Shadows on the wall
Will gain my soul

Privacy blinded me
every day looking for shooting in darkness
Star To me clarify my end
forever imprisoned in the fear of
pain is spreading to my veined
wrongdoing in government
Going astray alone through endless path
narcotic night my heart and howls in the dark

- by Cold

marți, 4 august 2009


As I thought I flied with you
To the four ends of the universe
My tired wings began feeling
The cruel grasps of the sweltering sun.
And so my feathers slowly began falling
Till at last I died in my own illusions
And I dwelled in a never-ending funeral
Where it was my own body
That wouldn't rot,
But gleamed more afresh,
To always remind the dreamer
Of how foolish he had been
Believing that there was true love
In the heaven of your eyes.

- by Cold


Again I feel the same , it's like someone follows me , like someone is right behind me.
I think I am going insane , it say's that loneliness drives people insane.
I don't even know how I will manage to finish what I am writing now.
Anyways , I told my self that I should write and other things except poems.
And I'm going to try. Though it's weird because they are not poems .
I feel scared by something inside my room . I feel a strange presence .
Last night I could not sleep , I only heard whispers . Pretty much pissing me off.
But the strange thing was that they were loud whispers .
Well craziness here you have another victim.
If I would tell my mother , she would go like , you are crazy , now you can hear whispers ?
And she would start laughing , my parent's never took me serious .
I even showed them my blog , they laughed and said its crap.
Well maybe it is , but I like writing crap like this. Even if it won't take me somewhere.
Anyways ... people ask me why I write in English and not in my natal language , Romanian , and I have told them , that I hate that language , I hate this country , because it's full of shit.
All the garbage and the rudeness in this country makes me sick.
I think this country should be isolated from the rest of the world and hope one day the population of this country shall turn to zero.
I know this post is like ummm... pointless and weird ... but please look at the title ... it's called "Weirdness" . I just wrote some thoughts of mine ... useless ...

luni, 3 august 2009

I do not know

I do not know of what to speak
My mind goes numb and I feel weak

Tired of my fucking life
Tired of this world
I try to find out on my own

What is wrong or what is right
If what I feel is right ?

The pain that have been left inside
Will come back soon
One dreadful night

I'm tired of just writing poems , null in words of my once past
No one knows of my one gift , that God gave to me

No one cares of what I do .
They leave me blind , sad and blue.

I'm sick of sharing all my pain , with people that have no fame
What I feel is so complex , not even in a poem can it be compressed.

I think my world is coming to an end.
Do I really want it to end here?

This stupid thing that you call love.
That they say it's from above.

My words are meaningless and make no sense
I start to write with just non-sense

One thing just goes through my mind
Will you ever be just mine?
- by Cold

The Empty Truth

Your presence
dominates my sights
like a dream within a memory
close enough to taste,
to smell,
but like a constant ringing in my ear
never is never too far from near
fantasy will slip away from reality and
I will be lost between
the abstract thought of loving you,
and the empty truth of seeing you from a distance.

- by Cold

sâmbătă, 1 august 2009

Lost it all

What’s the use?,
Why should I try anymore?,
I give it my all,
My whole heart,
All the energy I have,
All for you,
And only to fall,

I get back up,
Each and every time,
Only to be pushed away,
A fall way back down,

Well now I’m done,
I’m sick of it,
Sick of everything,
That you have put me through,
Now I’ve found someone,
And she is ever so pretty,
Ever so great,
And she welcomes me in.
With out a fight.

- Cold

duminică, 5 iulie 2009


In the darkest part of life
In a place where no help abound
In the gloom of endless strife
I will survive to see the end

Let all hell arise to stud
Let no one believe in me
let every hope I have be dashed
I will survive until my time

As I cross the ocean of time
As my strength begins to fade
As faith's bell reduce it's chime
I will survive till my revived faith parades

Failure you can knock me down
Failure you can't knock me out
failure I am on my way to town
I will survive to raise my clout

I may be mocked but not disillusioned
I may be forgotten but not by destiny
I may be battered but not truncated
I will survive to embrace my destiny

- by Cold

sâmbătă, 27 iunie 2009

What should I write ?

I was thinking
What should I write?

Memories of my past
or your past?
Memories of the happy time
or memories of the dark?
What should I write?

Your questions
or my answers?
My letters full of love
or your painful words?
What should I write?

My feelings
or your feelings?
My tears
or your smiles?
What should I write?

I'm still thinking
What should I write?
Your name
or my name?

- by Cold

marți, 16 iunie 2009


I can't control myself anymore
My body is controlling me
I am giving in, my soul is leaking
I can't break free, I am bleeding
No place to go
Locked inside, can't get out
Someone please help me
No one to go to
No one to talk to
Everyone is ignoring me

Why must I feel so alone
I need someone, to relieve me
Break me free, of my misery
Calling for angels, to release me
No where in sight
Guess they don't care about me

Darkness is overcoming me
No where to run, and no place to hide
Must let the darkness crawl all over me
The pain inside is surfacing
Beware I might explode
It is too much to hold

The devil is haunting me
Guiding me to hell
And I am following in a trance
Can't break free
Why all these curses
No luck falling on me
I can take no more
I am on my knees
Kneeling on the floor

- by Cold

joi, 4 iunie 2009


Living in a cradle not fit for my dreams
This life is not easy as it seams
Surrounded by feelings
That darken my day
Hearing people cry on the way
Tears on my face that melt the pain
Blinding my eyes with the heavy rain
Hoping for a single sign from him
Knowing my life was never so dim
Waiting for sparkles in your eyes
Longing for smiles to recognize
You never pranced with the falling leaves
Nor sung the hymn of the buzzing bees
Fighting the fears led by the storm
Deliver myself from your heart's thorn
Lighten your way with my desire
Save your hate before you hit the fire
Permit yourselves to kiss the rain
Soar about and dream again
It's never too late for the stars to shine
Believe and you shall have the time
Forever should you have to wait
Stay beside and don't lose faith
Blessed he who lives in you
Believe and you will make it through

- by Cold


I wish that I could see the light
Or just the moon
But there was night

A hopeless try to breathe again
The air’s so thick
Can’t heal the pain

The hardest thing is to believe
You can’t do nothing
But you live

The pain is not the pain to steal
Say, love is precious
If it’s real.

- by Cold

marți, 12 mai 2009

Love you

My soul calls your name in a whisper and a scream.
My soul calls your name when i'm awake and in my dreams.
My soul calls your name in a language only you can understand.
My soul calls your name a yin to my yang.

Designed as a pair our hearts must be,
like red and green they're simply complimentary.
Our story was written before this all began,
to read it and follow it was His divine plan.
To hold my hand through heartbreak and show you who you could be,
to caress me with your words and lips simultaneously.

Time and time after we do this dance.
On again, off again almost losing our chance,
to see that each is incomplete without the other,
a puzzle of sorts,
I question if we should bother.
My answer comes when I realize my heart's destiny was defined when I met you,
a fact of our lives that has always remained true.
A best friend and a lover intertwined,
I ask myself will we ever have enough time,
an eternity seems to short to share the sublime.

missing you tremendously,
and the way your kisses taste,
your touch, your warmth and your gentle embrace.

my soul calls your name when your here and when I'm alone,
my soul calls your name because our fate is foreknown,
my soul calls your name because you are mine and I am yours,
my soul calls your name even behind closed doors.

- by Cold

Raining Clouds Of Pain

Wandering this earth, all alone
Following the footsteps, on my own
Been left behind
Negative thoughts are, in my mind
I try to run, but I slip and fall
The earth around me, keeps moving
And I try, to move forward, but I can't
Because now

I am crying inside
And raining clouds stay strong, above my head
And I try, to runaway
But the rain keeps falling
So I keep running, never stopping
No one can stop me once I get started
I'll head off and never return
Start a new life and forget my past
And soon, the clouds will clear
And sunlight, will be, peeking through

- by Cold

The Ugliness After Love

The jokes have turned dull,
The laughter into cries,
The giggles of joy into screams of pain,
The patience of love into impatience of hatred
The kindness into sinful objectives
The smiles of happiness into the frowns of depression
The gentle kisses into harmful words of dishonesty
The joyful moments into painful memories
The amazing thoughts into harmful words
The inner-beauty into ugliness
The rhythmic taps of the keyboard into harmful beatings of the drum
The tasteful dreams into awful nightmares
The joys of happiness into the cries of depression
The hopes of more time with others into the needs of being alone
The friendliness into anger, the obsession into threats
The bravery and courage into shyness and uncertainty
The dances into fights, the ups into downs
The hugs and kisses into kicks and punches
The caring into hating
The 'I love you's into silence

- by Cold

Pain's never ending choice

All the while sitting and thinking
How how could I possibly do it
Without truly knowing how she felt.

Could I risk the thought
Of having my heart ripped from my chest
Again left out for all to see
Could I take the pain of another loss.

Too much grief has passed through
Only to come back to cripple me
At a time when I was believed to succeed.

Memories of the pain run rampant
In that part of my soul which has been
Sealed off from all others
Locked away and never to be shown again
Out of fear that which has scarred me so deep.

Locked away and left to dwell
On that which will never seem to happen
Trapped within the chaotic reaches of my mind.

Trying, trying to sort out where I went wrong
Seeming always to blame self heart and soul
For all the pain which has been brought about.

Sealed away and kept from anything
That might bring back the old pain
Or release a new one
Upon a heart that was left
Black and cold with a soul
Always remaining but never seen.

Mind, body, soul,
Heart and self, left to
Fend off the never ending demons
That came from long ago.

- by Cold

luni, 4 mai 2009

Where Are You ?

Here I stay all alone...
Time is slipping away...
No one but me at home.

Now here I am on this night...
I hate it when I end up this way...
No one around to hold me tight.

Sometimes the night just ends this way...
It's hard to see it coming at times...
So hope on its own crawls to the next day.

But tomorrow I might awake very sad...
Reaching out to really no one at all...
It almost seems as if I am going mad.

Where are you tonight my love?..
Could you be with another man?..
Why do I think so many things at once?..
Where in your heart do I stand?

When I go to bed and off goes the lights...
Out of the blue it always ends the same...
My mind and heart starts the same old fights.

You are like here today then gone tomorrow...
While in the process what you really do is...
You take away then put back the sorrow.

Is this the meaning of a love that is true...
It works for a while full time it seems...
Then part time on the nights I am without you!

So where are you tonight my dear love?..
Maybe having fun with another man?..
This night is getting so much colder...
I thought our love went hand and hand.

I really don't want to think wrong...
It's just my feeling of fear acting up...
Just wasn't seeing this coming all along.

I'm trying to survive long enough...
So when you return everything seems fine...
But every night it gets even more tough.

So here I wait and still I have to stay...
With no choice, reset, and no lives left...
The game of love I continue to play.

Just where are you tonight my love?..
What is the point to your plan?..
Are you trying to avoid my love?..
When the one you should be with is this man.

- by Cold

duminică, 3 mai 2009

The Reality

Reality can sometimes be
A hard pill to swallow.
Not really wanting to see
How inside you feel so hollow.

When you first find love,
It's so great and close to perfect.
It's all you need and think of,
As two hearts join to connect.

It's as if a fairy, waving her wand,
Cast a spell all upon you.
So very magical and beyond,
Without a thing you can do.

How it grabs a hold of you,
Leaving you with no power.
Not having the slightest clue
How this "love" turned so sour.

All my hopes vanish into thin air,
Squashing me like a tiny bug.
The connection just wasn't there,
Like a cord without a plug.

But I continue to hang on,
Hoping we can get it all back.
Praying that it's not ALL gone,
Some way to get it on track.

I continue, sadly taking it all,
Because of all the time we spent.
Sticking in me like a voo-doo doll,
A thousand needles; I feel the torment.

I knew one day we'd see
Our regrets from the past,
How they came to be,
And will continue to last.

Though, I tried my hardest to fix,
Like words that remain unspoken.
Crashing down like a ton of bricks,
Remaining forever to be broken.

- by Cold

joi, 16 aprilie 2009

Immortal Reflections

The mirror stands alone
No reflection to be found
Emptiness binds cursed space
I stood there to face
Vanity still remain in my human phase

Reflection fathoms into its dark abyss
From my memories of past existence
Need to fill its visual memories
My face forgotten in its damned resistance

Too long ago the dark gift given
My soul remains divided
Between the mortality fixed
Its emptiness unseen in a mirrored being

I seek the artist of my era
To paint a portrait of my frame
To give back my existence within
To vision my face in their painted mirror

But a cruel critic as I was to be
Feeding into their artistry
Remains still a soul unsatisfied
Killing them slowly, twisting my mind

To excellence my beauty to be encased
Forever be my bane of vanity remain
A mortal flaw I soon realized
Made them my food for thought
Seeking many more to create

The one obsession I want to see
My face upon a mirrored painting
The canvas reflection of my features
Missing the detail of unplaced divinity

They gave me such arguments
The shadows brings deepen flaws
But light is needed to bring forth perfection
Only to my still dissatisfaction

That a pile of ashen dust will remain
If light should strike my face
Thus I do seek another opinion
Since they dies within my thirsting feel

As I look upon this many portraits
I wonder by many differences I see
In faces I can't seem to place
Within the dark side of my immortal face

Over the years spend seeking
A face of reflection unmade
Since long gone are the souls of the damn
Vanity is something I haven't given up yet

Life is too long an immortal beget
Without an image that I did forget
Upon the mirror that stands alone
Empty is the space I have since known

Are thing I not willing to let go
For the portraits fill the empty halls
My chamber echoes the ripples of flaws
A face of beautiful perfection
Seem to haunt me to depression

I stood as I always did
As I rise from a slumbering state
Darkness clouds the truth of my face
The vanity left from my mortal phase

Many died to paint my face
Over the years pass by, till centuries flee
For shallows graves marked not their mistakes
For my taste for the artist
Out weights their art in respect

I sleep far too long to wonder
That this renaissance era
Was a mistaken endeavor
Awaken I will in the next hour
A new century opens a new wonder

I stood before a new invention
Replaces the souls of conceited immortals
As I waited impatience upon my portrait
The picture reveals to my perfection
From canvas of paint to surreal magic
The true face reveals a prefect photograph

- by Cold

vineri, 27 martie 2009

Conceal our Emptiness

Naked soul lies on cold ground
With the broken wings
Endless tears are weeping from her face
Slowly she is falling into deep sleep
‘I am coming closer to the death’ she whispers

One sweet day I’ll let your heart falls in filth
One sweet day I will let the shadows silently kill you
Every step you’ll see the joy in their eyes

Once you showed me my death
Now I will show yours
In your hands you hold my last breath
Does it feel so good to feed your rage?

Is the torment the only salvation for my sins?
Are the scars good enough to show my grief?

Ray of the light is slowly fading away
We are alone in realm of the darkness
My screams are turning deaf to the blind walls
The angels from the sky are watching me dying
They scent my last breath
My last struggle
Yet they let you hate lingering through your veins….
How does it feel to kill own child?

Seduced by your innocent smile
Crucify myself into dust
No taint left in air

The clouds are crying for us
The skies are turning into crimson
Our love is dead
There’s no spell to reborn our bliss
We are deadly sins to our hearts
And so our angles….

-by Cold

sâmbătă, 14 martie 2009


I am so tired of being alone
Without hope,
Without happiness
And without your touch
Even you are far away from me
For Too long I slept in shadows
For Too long I was in loneliness' embrace
Too long I shead tears of love and became blinded
Until you touched my broken heart
Save me my love, cause
I’m so tired to live with solitude
That is killing me inside
wake me up ( my love) with your soft whisper
to save me from nightmares
set me free cause death won’t let me flee
touch me with your love
cause I’m so tired of being alone, without your love
embrace me cause I want to be in the safety your arms for eternity
open your heart and let me in
let me to be in your fantasy world
share with me your happiness
open your door of dreams to escape from the dead world
stay with me my love
to wake me up with your soft words
in which my heart desires to melt in
save me from the sorrow
cause my heart is screaming for liberty
touch me with your love
cause I’m so tired of being alone without your love
so tired that I lust to be with you
so tired that I lust to taste your love
even you are far away from me
every night in my dreams i whisper your name
can you hear how is my heart crying for you?
Can you feel my sorrow ?
Cause I’m so tired of being alone without your love
For Too long I slept in shadows
For Too long I was in loneliness' embrace
For Too long my soul dreamed of liberty in darkness
For Too long I was blinded by tears of love
Until you touched my broken heart

- by Cold

vineri, 13 martie 2009

The Life [Parts I - IV]


The night.
It’s beautiful.
There’s nothing that could only be half as beautiful as the night.
The stars are shining.
The full moon above me.
Why does the night pass by?
Why couldn’t it last forever?
The night is the time of the memories.
It’s the time of the lovers
and the time of the lonesome.
It could be the time of rest,
the time of sleep.
But isn’t it too beautiful to stay at home and sleep?
The night is magic.
I can’t stay at home
when it’s dark outside.
The night is the time of mysteries,
the time of demons,
of vampires.
But the darkness of the night isn’t dangerous.
It’s peace in it, safety.
It covers the guilty and the haunted.
It’s merciful.
The time when I forget about day.
About all its problems,
its sorrows.
The time when I’m happy.
The time when I’m sad.
The night is everything for me.
It’s all that counts.
Nothing is as beautiful as the night.
I wish it would never end.
Just everlasting,
lasting for eternity...

The sun rises.
It’s beautiful.
But it brings the light.
The merciless light.
Showing everything.
Fighting back the night
until there are only some shadows
telling about the beauty of the night.
Of the merciful darkness.
Too glaring.
So cruel.
It’s warm but...
It could never be as warm
as the night is beautiful.
It’s hot and it’s light.
I’m thinking of the night.
Its coolness and its darkness.
And again it’s killing my soul.
The hectic of the day
makes me crazy.
I’m longing for the peace,
the peace the night will bring.
Hectic and noisy,
that’s the day.
Too many people
running around,
busy with nothing,
unimportant stuff.
Memories of the night...
It’ll come again...
It’ll bring peace and rest.
It’ll make you forgetting...
about sorrows and fear and problems.
But it’s far away...
The day...
Too glaring...

And again there’s the night.
The merciful night.
I want to stay here forever.
Keep the light away.
Forever night.
Forever safety.
No fears.
No sorrows.
I want to live forever.
I don’t want to die.
Redeem me.
Take me with you.
Make me one of yours.
Make me a creature of the night.
The beautiful night...
I’ll miss the day...
but the night caught me.
Nothing will ever be as beautiful
as the night.
When will they realize?
The day is the time of hiding.
The night’s the time to live.
The beauty of the night...
I can’t live without it.
I will leave the day
if I can have the night,
if I can live forever.
Melancholic night...
When will I get it?
Will I?
Only one minute...
A short pain redeeming from an everlasting.
Goodbye day!
Hello everlasting night!
Bite me!
A vampire is born...

And again.
The light fought back the darkness.
Silent darkness...
It fought back the fog.
Merciful fog covering earth.
Protecting from the light.
Glaring light.
Too glaring.
Sun lighting the vampire.
Sun lighting me
as it once burned my soul.
Where to go?
Merciful darkness.
Hiding shadows.
Protecting me from light.
From sunlight.
Sunrays touching me.
And again pains...
A place to pass the day.
Keeping my death away.
Passing time.
Finally the sun sets.
The night’s coming.
Beautiful night.
Merciful night.
Poor little vampire.
Had to say goodbye to the day.
Only the night for living.
But uncountable nights...

- by Cold

joi, 12 martie 2009


Finding myself crying again
Going through the pain every now and then
Getting used to being hurt
Battered and left in the dirt

Wiping my tears as I picked myself up
Hearing their voices, telling them to shut up
Running through the dark forest
Going to the only place I could rest

Desperately finding the light
To help me carry on with my fight
Feeling the path getting longer
My breathing becomes shorter

Recognizing the familiar ache
Causing myself to break
Seeing the faint light closer
Trying to pull myself together

Finally being in the place
Where I could find solace
Letting myself lie on the grass
Closing my eyes as time starts to pass

Not wanting for it to see
The wounds they made to me
Knowing that it would never heal
Like all things that’s real

- by Cold

duminică, 8 martie 2009

My song

Listen to the sounds of the wind.
Follow the beat of your heart.
Close you eyes and listen to the sounds around you.
See if your heart is beating with mine.
See if our soul is singing the same song.
See if your lips will whisper my name.
Follow that road to see where it takes you
Hopefully it will lead you to me
Cause when I listen to the sounds of my heart.
My heart is singing a song.
A song that only you can hear.
My heart is calling out to you
Trying to show you the way home.
All you have to do is close your eyes and listen.
My song is a road map to my heart.
Somewhere, where you belong.
Until you find your way home.
My heart will continue to sing my song.

- by Cold

Angel of Mine

There came an angel
On a warm sunny day
A sparkle in her eye
That took me away

I just couldnt leave her
Not even when the day was done
My love she had awakened
My heart she had won

At this I had known
I could not let her go
For she lit my heart on fire
And made my face glow

To this very day
Im glad that she's here
God granted my wish
An Angel so dear

Ill keep her in my heart
Her face has a shine
Ill always love her
This Angel of mine.

-by Cold

vineri, 6 martie 2009

3 Words

These words we say so often
But still, they mean so much;
They mean that I care,
How much I cherish you each day.
They show to you my feelings,
My deepest burning passion;
They show to you my heart and all the memories we've made
Do you know these words, my darling? I
'm very sure you do.
These words I so often say,
Each of them rings true.
My lips speak these words,
As well as my heart and mind.
Do you know these words, dearest?
"I love you!"

-by Cold

sâmbătă, 28 februarie 2009

Life and Death

My eyes open
and then I awake,
experiencing life
through awareness.
Then my eyes close
to feel memories
of what I experienced
in life.

-by Cold

luni, 9 februarie 2009

Dark Gathering

Fooled against...
A circle of trust
Bound to the old ways
A cast of shadow looming
Wandering through the night
Heightened, secret, emotions
They worship...
Clouds, above, the sky

Silent and still
An angel bleeds to dry
But its evil grimace
Has frozen in delight
Silent and still
Then a worship awe
Money, gold, earth rites
Renewed, again they fight

They silence to steal
Dark, their gathering
Their capital, a list
We fear not, follow
Their worship...
No clouds below the fire
A play of judgement
Higher will it come.

-by Cold

joi, 29 ianuarie 2009

Silent Wish

In dark chamber I am singing my revenge
No one will save me from this madness
In depth cold night I am falling in love with shadows
Enjoying the whisper of wind
I am dancing on moonlight all alone
Death is embracing me tender
The romance is bleeding inside of bliss
In your arms I am ready to be your sacrifice
It’s where I belong
Coming closer to your heart
I will cut your entire throb, little by little
I will taste all your sins
Don’t weep my demons, hide under my venom wings
The only place for escaping
The only place for hearing your screaming
Killing your sanity without sound, my silent wish is desiring for more
Your pain is crawling in your grief
You’re so beautiful with fears
The more you drowning in my revenge, the more my silent wish will touch your rage
I kiss every wound on your bloody skin
Every wound has been wept for salvation
But you know it won’t save you from nightmares I locked you
I hide the spell under my dreams
Your last breath on my pale skin is begging for liberty

Keep whispering my name
I want you to remember my sorrow
Keep blaming me
I want you to feel my rage
Keep weeping for me
I want you to be blind by torment
Keep screaming
I want you to bleed in my pain
And to feel my agony
Keep feeling my silent wish
I will not tell you my secrets.
Cause I know you’ll sing to the angels to save you from the dark, and set you free
No, my little one, you’re in my arms
Sleep my demon
Sleep for eternity
The eternal silent wish won’t forsaken you

-by Cold


I can breath
I can See
I can Understand
This Word
Yes, Love- The thing all humans and Demons want in there life
Dreams that i had are now coming true in frount of me
My Black little heart has found it
Gothic, Sweet and Dark
At moments we have times were the love is Great
and never never again shall i fell cold and alone
in my hole of a life
Dreams- Here
Hate rearranged with love and lust
Good night and please dont wake me up from this

-by Cold

sâmbătă, 24 ianuarie 2009


I’m your curse,
I’m your sin,
I’m the best,
And you can’t win,
I’m your pain,
You’ll go insane,
Yell my name,
Forbid this pain,
Beg to live,
Start to cry,
Try try try, but;
Still you’ll die,
There is no mercy,
There is no forgiveness,
You will pay the price,
For your miserable life.

-by Cold

joi, 22 ianuarie 2009

Dark Secrets

Darkness all around me,
I feel you, suffocate,
No one else is around my misery,
Can I give anyone the key to the gate?

No one realizes the pain,
The weakness that I feel,
The darkness swallows with vain,
My nightmares feel so real.

The shadows that hide,
The tears I hold back,
The old me, has died,
Everything is black.

I run, but I still see it,
It is hard to face,
It pulls me in, bit by bit,
It takes me back, back to that place!

From the memories, I try to run,
They are destroying me slowly, not fast,
I’m growing weaker; I know they’ve won,
It haunts me, my past.

The sadness, it has brought,
I feel the guilt,
I can feel the inside rot,
The darkness inside me, it built.

I feel so insane,
These words are my last,
Darkness has won, my tears fall like rain,
I can’t run anymore, it has won, my past.

My past has won,
I’m sure this is true,
The damage is done,
My heart, darkness controls it too.

I’m leaving now,
You may not want to see,
You might not want to know how,
Today is the death of me.

Thanks for being here,
Goodbye, it’s time, I’m untied,
I have no fear,
It’s time that I died.

-by Cold

duminică, 18 ianuarie 2009

Remembrance of My Death

Around , all around the dark memories gather
My dread grows as doom’s scythe falls against my heart
It severs me ,and darkly my blood drips to the cold uncaring tombstones
In horror I cry out . Why ?!
While hell takes my unwilling hand
Now , alone my cry for mercy falls upon howling eyes
This is because of you

-by Cold

Death Deserved

What have you taken away?
a miasma of darkness as memories bleed
once we experienced innocence
untainted and virginal
but your thirst died
a furious morass of pain -
drops of blood follow hate,follow death,
love burnt to ashes
in a burst of vengeance,
I condemn you

-by Cold

sâmbătă, 17 ianuarie 2009


Force me to be awaken
Feeling my soul being taken
Coming from somewhere deep
In my eternal sleep

Numb and unfeeling
Oblivious of my surrounding
To a world of pain and anguish
My existence seem to vanish

-by Cold

Bleeding for you

I wish I can forget you
and never feel deep pain
I wish I can bury our memories
And never dreaming you
I try to hold back my tears
Trying so hard to erase you from my black heart
But I can’t, I am to weak on you!
I just lay here and bleeding for you
And waiting to death knock on my door, to take me away
Why are you in my dreams?
Why can’t you just let me to die into your arms
to feel my heart heat
but you just leaving me all alone with loneliness
bleeding is the only way I can forget you
bleeding is the only way I can kill my pain
walking through the endless dark path
yearning to taste my fears
and as I was walking through my endless path
I just open my arms and letting death taking me into his arms
And leaving all behind
And yet again, you are to blind to see how much I love you
You are even to blind to feel I have touched your black heart
I am bleeding for you
I am bleeding for your love
I wish you can drown in my love
And to feel my broken heart into little peace
I wish you can burn into flames
To feel real pain in your heart and grace
Why can’t I let you go of my heart?
And never feel sorrow again!
Laying here alone in dark
Watching Moon and stars dancing outside of my window
Shading this last tears for you
And bleeding for you, so deep
So deep to feel sorrow for you

-by Cold

Snow and Black Roses

Snow and Black Roses
The hard cold wind blow-ed,
across the white snow,
and the winter heart looks happy,
but only darkness grows,
where the black roses grew.
A shadow passed across the white snow,
giving a feeling of dread and fear,
upon the vast empty land,
only echoing whispers,
on the cold snow,
then the black roses gave up the ghost and died,
the shadow picked-up the withered black roses,
held them close to his chest,
as if giving back their life,
gentled laid them back on the white snow,
to see if they would grow,
all that was heard were only,
whispers on the cold snow....

-by Cold

vineri, 16 ianuarie 2009

Eternal Sorow

Tears are for memories,
Memories are for sorrow
Singing myself to sleep with our lullaby...
Still you’re in my heart
But I want more than that
I want to lay beside you,
To hear your voice again (for the last time)
And to look into your eyes
With one look I’ll fall into sleep in your arms
Death is opening the door for me
It leads me to your heart
To unlock it and touch you
You are in deep sleep but I hear your last beat
And I know you can hear me
Hear my last words I will say to you
Hear my last grace to you
Hear these 3 words: I love you
If I see your smile again
I will not wake up from this dream
I don’t want to let this end up again
Don’t let them wake me up
Just hold me like you used to
If you feel my sorrow far from here
Don’t walk away just open it
And you’ll see my eternal sorrow, so deep
My beautiful angel
Spread your wings
And take me with you
I don’t belong to them anymore
Save me with your beautiful voice
It will lead me to your dreams
I no longer belong in this world
If I hear your lost lullaby
Soon I’ll know it’s time to dreaming you like before
Hello my eternal sorrow
Behind the mask I hide tears from you
Behind the mask I hide myself
Hello my angel
I am safe in the shadows
No one will find me
I am safe in loneliness
No one will poison me with lies
I am safe in silence
No screams in my mind
Just sweet melody in my soul
Hello grandpa
Waiting for your star
To lead me to you
To be again in your embrace
Hello my demon
I open my memories to erase it
Lock me inside of you for eternity

-by Cold

joi, 15 ianuarie 2009

Without You

Frantically I wake up and look all around,
Then suddenly remember we laid you in the ground.
I still cry myself to sleep wondering why,
Wishing all of this was some big lie.
The road without you has been rough,
How do you know when you've had enough?
Enough suffering, enough pain,
In losing you there was no gain.
Sadness, hurt, and agony fill my heart,
When you left you tore it apart.
Reminiscing on the last days we spent together,
Not knowing that would be the last time ever.
If only I would have known,
My love for you I would have shown.

-by Cold

Deep Sleep

I close my eyes,
Trying to forget the moments we had
I try to burn them in flames
But I am to afraid to lose them
I want to let you go of my heart
But I can’t I am to weak on you!
Some times I wish I can fly far away from your cold heart
So far away to don’t hear you how you screaming in fire and begging me to wake you up from the nightmares
In your eyes I can see nothing but lies and fear
Fear to telling me our love is death for us
Every time when I want to touch your heart I feel emptiness
So my love,
Pretend that you still belong to my heart
Don’t leave me alone
Just stay here with me
Lay down next to me to watch our fallen stars
let me fall into your arms
and never wake up again
let me kiss your poison lips
and I will dye with my loneliness forever
let me touch your skin
and I will burning forever
cause I want to have you in my memories
leaving me all alone in dark
dying so slowly with my loneliness
Still I have the pain that you locket in my innocent heart
Still won’t fade away
I close my eyes
Trying to forget the tears we shad together and share them
In my dreams I saw you bleeding
And calling loud my name
To save you from the darkness
I try to run away from your pain
So far away to don’t see your tears of sorrow

-by Cold

No more WE

Look at me
I'm falling apart,
I'm sitting in sorrow
with a broken heart.
Ever since the day
that you left me,
i dwell on the fact
that there is no more we,
I tried to save what we had
but couldn't get control,
and now i have to see us
no longer as a whole.
I am missing you everyday
and i wish you were back,
because the love and happiness you brought
is now something i lack.
I hope that this wasn't meant to be
and that it won't last very long,
so our love can reunite
and once again be strong.
If it doesn't happen
then it was probably meant to be,
and just leave you on the note
that you mean the world to me.

-by Cold

Lost in the world

Am I still dreaming?
I hear the lost voices
Trying to wake me from the deep sleep
But I refuse them
I just close my eyes and hold my last breath
And hopping to death come to me
To take me away from this cruel world
It’s the only way I can find my peace in my heart
Every time when I close my eyes
I see nothing but blood around me
And my fallen angel is dying in my arms
I am frozen inside myself and trying to escape from this madness
Hiding in shadows to never see the Sun again
The only saltiness I can feel it’s in darkness embrace
And he left the pain to leave me the scar in my innocent heart
My lonely soul is walking through endless path
Trying to find the light of freedom
But there’s no sign
Every time when I am looking in the stars
Still remembering in the midnight when we watched together our fallen stars
Telling them secrets of our love
And still they are up,
Hopping we’ll be together with open arms
But our love was nothing but illusion
There’s no turning back
And we are lost in the world
To lost that we can’t find our happiness
Here we are my love, again
Standing all alone just you and me
Waiting to shadows take our love
And burning in flames forever
To never feel the pleasure that we always had in our hearts
Am I still dreaming?
Long lost voices slowly whispering in my lost dreams
Trying so hard to wake me from the endless nightmares
But I still refuse them,
I just let the pain to leaving me the scar inside of my broken heart
And slowly closing my eyes and holding my last breath
Hopping to angel come to me
To embrace me and disappear so far away in this lost world
To never see the sorrow who is haunting me in my dreams
I am to lost in this world
To lost, can’t find my light to bright me up my way to home
I am falling so deep to feel my emptiness in my soul
feeling the flame the touch of grace down on my spine
shading this tears for burning in my dreams
I am to lost in this world can’t wake up from this nightmares
I am falling so deep to touch the darkness black heart
To lost in the world
Wishing to open the wings and flying so far away to never see my uncured pain
To long I have been hiding in shadows to never see my light
Years I have been hunting my happiness
But there’s no happiness
No freedom to heal my heart
Just the sorrow and pain who is so painful
To lost in the world.

-by Cold

Black Tear

A tear felt from my face
Making myself a disgrace
Not wanting for it to be seen,
My weakness from within

My eyes are covered with black
Hiding the gloom at the back
Blurring my visions,
Only seeing illusions

Nothing in this world is real,
As well as what I feel
So tired of shedding these tears
Along with my heartaches & fears

All the pain & sorrow
From yesterday ‘til tomorrow
Hoping it would all be over
Even though it seems forever

-by Cold

Cold Heart

The night was falling
And the stars are showing up
My heart is still weak and cold
I try to defeated with the shadow
But I can’t
Is this the only way I can find my true love?
Sitting here all alone
Watching the stars
Hoping for the sign
The night was falling slowly
And the stars are showing up
And my cold heart still searching for something
My lonely soul is lost in the darkness
Try to find the way home
My fallen angel is lost in my embrace forever
I see you in my dreams, dark angel
My love is belong only in your dreams
There is nothing to do with it
I am just shadow
Who is always hidden from the light
My cold heart still try to find something
All this years I cannot find my way home
After all this years I only see painful nothing else
My cold heart is lost in the shadows, again
This tears I cry they are forgotten forever
I will never find someone like you
I miss you so bad
I miss your touch
Where are you, my love?
I wish you were here with me tonight
To share with me love
I want to feel you love, again
Please, take me away with you
To the heaven
I want to be with you forever
Hold me
The night was falling slowly
And the stars are showing up
Here I am
Sitting here all alone
Waiting for something
I lay down here
Waiting to death comes for me
And then I can find my peace in my heart
And go with you to the heaven
My cold heart is still inside me
I cannot defeat the cold
Who is always follow my dreams and my good heart
So, my love
Bring me to live
Moon is slowly wake me up
And then in my dreams I feel your cold touch
So sweet
So cold
So tender
I am yours
Now and forever.

-by Cold

Ganduri intr-un text

Sunt inlantuit intr-o camera. Unde amintirile si sentimentele mele ma bântuie. Chipul tau ca o raza de lumina apare si apoi dispare. Demonul din mine amplifica tristetea si ura ce o port in acest suflet chinuit. Lipsit de sperante eu cotinui lupta cu acest demon din mine. Curand am sa pierd lupta , el se hraneste din suferintele mele si creste cu fiecare secunda. Numai iubirea ma poate salva , dar in zadar , pentru ca nu o voi mai gasi nici odata. Sufletul meu a inceput sa sangereze sentimentele pe care eu ca prostu ti le-am purtat , facându-mi sperante desarte. Nimeni si nimic nu cred ca va putea vreodata sa ridice acest blestem cazut asupra mea.

Un cuvant de inceput :-)

Multe nu am de zis despre mine. Sunt un adolescent "normal " de 16 ani ... un mic poet in devenire.
Aici imi voi posta gandurile si sentimentele :-)